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Four Fundamentals to Inbound That Make Our Customers Successful


Inbound marketing has slowly become a standard for businesses as a refreshing way to attract customers rather than seeking them out. Outbound marketing has certainly been around long enough to become mainstream, but it's reached a point where it has limitations. As the business world becomes increasingly more crowded, trying to get noticed amid competitors is far more challenging.

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Give Marketing Automation a Boost by Working with Workflows in Hubspot


Marketing automation has revolutionized the way companies speak to existing customers and harvest new ones. In fact, 79 percent of top performing companies have already been using marketing automation for two or more years.

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Setting SMART Goals for Marketing


No matter how hard you try, you're not going to have the world as your customer. There is no way your product will help the entire world; even the giant corporations understand this. Because you can't sell to the entire world, you have to market to a select few. 

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3 Telltale Signs You Need a Marketing Apps Admin


Many companies find that investing in inbound marketing strategies and software, such as Hubspot, doesn't mean revenues will instantly rise exponentially on their own. Hubspot and other marketing apps are great tools, but they do not replace the need to have someone with the time, knowledge and talent to use the tools wisely.

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Behold! The Power of Integration.

Colhead Tech offers Cloud IT services, including integrating business and cloud applications together.    With the combination of the flexibility of the cloud and the utility of the business application, any business, office or firm can see major benefits from the integration of these technologies with one another.

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4 Ways a Hubspot Apps Admin Saves Marketing Managers Time.

Hubspot is one of the most advanced platforms in terms of marketing automation and integration but it can be very time consuming to get the most out of all of Hubspot's features. As a marketer you already wear a multitude of hats and your time is stretched thin with producing content, developing campaigns, supporting sales teams, managing budgets and more. A Hubspot Apps Admin is your knight in shining armor providing insight and strategies to take your marketing to the next level. Here are 4 ways a Hubsp ot Apps Admin can save your marketing:

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