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3 Ways to Get Google Apps Training

If you are new to Google Apps or looking to update your business skills, you can rely on a range of fantastic resources that can help you become a power user in no time. Whether you choose to learn online from the comfort of your home or to attend classroom lessons, mastering Google Apps will require just a little bit of time and effort, as long as you have the right resources.

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Introduction to Data Loss Prevention for Google Apps

More than 5 million companies around the world use Google Apps. With applications like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive, this service provides key functionalities for everyday business communication and collaboration.

Just like any other cloud-based service or a marble rye, however, Google Apps is susceptible to security and data loss threats posed by malicious users, human error, disasters and cyber criminals. A few basic practices and the use of third-party solutions can be quite beneficial in such instances.

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Google Apps - Known Issues for Users

Google Apps for Business is our favorite full featured office productivity suite. Being an online service that is always evolving, there are a few issues that can occur for users of the Apps. Another aspect that contributes to glitches here and there is the fact that Google Apps is compatible across so many devices, from web browsers, to smartphones, and even Android, Apple, and Windows Tablets.

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Keep Notes and Reminders online with Google Keep

Our July 11 pick for Business App of the Week is Google Keep.   The App is a digital notepad which syncs and connects to your Google Drive. This App will allow you to take voice notes, photo notes and even traditional checklists if you desire. This is a fast and effective note taking tool that can help you with all areas of your business.

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Here's Why You Should Provide Google Apps Training to Employees

With the growing percentage of Austin businesses now using Gmail and Drive for Work, Google Apps training has become a real need for many of these companies.

Although the Google suite of Apps is simple to use once users have become accustomed to the interface, you can maximize productivity faster by enrolling your staff in a professionally facilitated Google Apps training course - online or in person.

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Why Have a Managed Google Apps Account for Your Business ?

Google apps are easier to use than ever before, and they have been designed that way purposefully. After all, Google's making a bid to change the world, much like Apple Computers did in the mid 1980’s. The benefits of Google Apps are nearly unlimited, so let’s discuss them first

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One Way the Cloud Changes Nothing

Cloud computing--even the name sounds like something lofty and impressive doesn't it? The cloud is the in place to be this year. Every major computing and software company is offering your business a place in the cloud. There are some real benefits.

The fact is that cloud computing offers you benefits such as the ability to share and collaborate on the fly, to allow all of your employees to log in from the internet and it is slightly more cost effective than the old mainframe computing methods.

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3 Reasons to Tell Go Daddy You've Gone Google This Month.

  • June 29, 2014

Summer is a great time for businesses to switch to Google Apps, especially businesses in Central Texas.  This month, we're specifically helping GoDaddy customers move Gmail for Business so they can gain collaboration tools like Google Drive, Calendars, Docs and Spreadsheets.  As a Google Apps Premier Partner we're dedicating Google Certified Techs and Google Trainers to helping Small and Mid-size businesses upgrade from GoDaddy Email.


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To Infinity and Beyond! Announcing Triple Unlimited for Google Apps

Google Apps Unlimited provides businesses with unlimited Google Drive space, added sharing and audit controls and a host of additional features that Google promises to to help unlimit your business.    Today we're pleased to announce additional unlimited services to allow your business to upgrade to Google Drive for Work with confidence.  In addition to Google Apps Unlimited (Google Drive for work) Triple Unlimited for Google Apps includes Premier services from Spanning Backup (unlimited backup of Gmail, Google Drive, Sites and Contacts) and Unlimited Google Apps Admin Support from Coolhead's Google Apps Certified Admins.   Check out the best way to Go Google Unlimited at www.TripleUnlimited.com

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