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3 Benefits of Tech Training for Administrative assistants

Administrative assistants today require specialized skills to stand out in a competitive job market. More than ever before, businesses large and small rely on computer systems and office technologies to conduct business and internal operations. The need for technical training in administrative assistants is now more important than ever, and those looking to get ahead won’t ignore this fact.

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Rise of the Apps Admins - Summer 2014

Wrapping up our first year of internship at Coolhead, we have some time for reflection while we turn to the future and the exciting opportunities that await. Over the past year we’ve had the pleasure of working with a team of six interns from universities right here in Texas. Those schools included UT, ACC, and Texas State University.

After seeing massive interest at the Campus 2 Careers fair in Austin and then watching our interns develop over the past year, there are two things that are obvious. Firstly, there’s a serious abundance of highly motivated and intelligent students out there, and secondly, this year we’re really going to see the importance of cloud services along with the rise of the Google Apps Admins.

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Google Apps Update Roundup

  • May 7, 2014

Welcome to the May Edition of the Google Apps Update Roundup. The latest Google Apps deliver diversity and creativity to the workplace, regardless of its location. The top feature is mobile apps for Docs and Sheets, followed by Photos picker in Gmail Compose and Hangout links in Android Calendar app event views. Read on to find out how these features make tasks easier to control.

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Summers' School for Google Apps is in Session.

Coolhead Tech isn’t afraid to tap talented people where it finds them. From the Google Apps and marketing interns to employees who instruct business groups on using Google Apps in their work, Coolhead is finding talent. Chris Alghini, Coolhead Tech’s founder, connected with Heather Summers on LinkedIn.

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Here Come the Apps Admins

Coolhead Tech, a local Google Apps management and consulting company, will be providing a professional training program that will result in the Google Apps certification of 20 admins by August 2014.

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Austin's Wizard of Apps - Brian Gray

One of the things that we love about working here at Coolhead, is all of the stand out people we get to meet.  We're really exicted to have met Brian Gray, Technology Director at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in West Austin.   Even more exciting is that Brian will be teaching this summer's Google Apps Certified Administrator course.

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Announcing Google Apps Training in Austin

Getting the most from Google Apps for business means getting the best training available from experts in the industry. Google apps is a powerful productivity tool that can greatly increase the efficiencies of your business, but also change where you can conduct business. To make sure that your staff are getting everything possible from the service, professional training is a must.

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Top Google Apps Issues in April

Google Business Apps are a powerful productivity suite in use by over 5 million businesses around the world. The flexibility to create, share and collaborate from almost anywhere on any device has contributed to the massive popularity of the service.  The strength in Google Apps is that it’s a constantly evolving service. So known issues are caught early, workarounds are found, and the root issues don’t stay with us for too long.

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How to Change Passwords for everyone in your Google Apps Domain

  • April 14, 2014

You need to change your Google Apps password.  You may have heard of the recent "Heartbleed Bug" in the news which may have revealed your username/password at any number of major websites around the world.  Here's how to change your password, another Google Apps User and passwords for all of the users in your Google Apps domain and how to force password changes.

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