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5 Gmail Labs for your Business

Whether you use Gmail as part of the Google Apps suite, as an email solution for your business, or simply for your personal email, Gmail is easily customizable to meet your needs. In these Gmail tips, we’ll take a look at some Gmail Labs settings that can dramatically improve your email productivity – even if you never thought you’d need them.

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Four Differences Between Google Drive and Dropbox

With many of us using multiple devices it has become necessary for us to sync and maintain consistency between all of them. Cloud storage providers are working hard and competing to have seamless file sharing and access. They allow us to have cross platform compatibility. Two of the main providers are Google Drive and Dropbox. Both offer the same basic features and are very comparable. Dropbox has been on the market quite a few years before Google Drive so it has a larger market share, however Google Drive still is a close competitor. With any competing product there are key differences that needed to be noted.

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Enterprise Level Security for Google Apps with Cloudlock

Security for any business is an important aspect to take into consideration, because even a single leak on the network or computer system is going to result in a potential loss of data, including financial and client records. This is exactly why a business, no matter the kinds of services or features it offers, needs to take security incredibly seriously. Although there are different programs and applications that provide this kind of a service, Cloudlock might just be one of the best, due to the amount of coverage it offers and the price tag for which it comes at. 

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3 Things to Do to Succeed on Linked In.

Professionals and entrepreneurs know that better LinkedIn networking means doing more business. Contacts are turned into prospects. Ideas from a business circle are turned into profitable ventures. The key to doing more business on LinkedIn, however, demands a little bit more in terms of time and effort. Here are three ways to do it.


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Using Outlook with Google Apps

Ardent Microsoft Outlook users perceive the use of Gmail as a paradigm shifting move, while in reality it can never be simpler. Microsoft Outlook brings a lot of functionality to users around the world, but it is matched and exceeded by Google Apps features, which extensively support the use of Outlook with Google Apps.

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Moving to the cloud: who drives the change in a small business?

An excellent perspective by Rick Blaisdell at Enterprise CIO Forum. The benefits are clear, and with the solutions available, a CEO is the one who needs to start the process of harnessing the cloud. When a business migrates to the cloud it will gain more autonomy for itself and for its employees, with less need for IT support, so the CEO will need to drive the process and keep on top of all the changes.

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ALTA Stages Smoother Productions in Austin with Google Apps

ALTA (Austin Latino Theater Alliance) is a collaboration of artists and community volunteers uniting the Latino and Hispanic theater groups of Austin, Texas.

ALTA's projects include the traditional community production of the nativity play La Pastorela, as well as various artistic and cultural endeavors. In the spirit of a bilingual and bicultural society, the group produces programs in English and Spanish. ALTA calls this espíritu de comunidad "Universal Theater," and it is rooted in human relationships and nurtured by new ideas and new participants. ALTA believes that theater is a cultural force with the capacity to transform lives and society itself.

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Welcome "Back to Cool"

Today We're pleased to Welcome Austin Startup Week to downtown Austin. This past weekend we celebrated the Fifth Anniversary of Coolhead Tech, welcomed the Austin City Limits Festival and the "Cool Front" finally moving in.

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Thank You

  • October 1, 2013


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