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Inxero Boosts Local Startups with Google Docs, Gmail.

Anand Raj has always been a big believer in local business. Raj, who has been doing business in Austin since 2002, says Central Texas is a great environment for tech incubators working in a B2B environment. His company, InXero, is a member of The Austin Technology Incubator, which builds companies from early stage to profitability. This includes building management teams, forging partnerships and securing funding.

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FreshBooks: Cloud Accounting Software for Small Business

What if your clients don't understand how you're billing them for your services? What if your customers have problems paying you for your products? At the end of the day, all the work you put into your business is useless if your invoicing is hard to understand or otherwise problematic.


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Here's the Difference between Chrome Apps and Google Apps

Google Apps and Chrome Apps often present a similarity, especially since most services supported on Google Apps are featured in Chrome Apps. While there is an area of overlap, they are at different structural levels in providing functionality and redundancy for services. An App is a web-based program or application that can work entirely on a browser. This does not mean that the browser technically assumes the role of the service of the app, but there is a definite service that works in the background to give the requested functionality. Since Google Apps and Chrome Apps are both classified in the same way, a few distinctions will make the definition clearer.

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Intorrent Supercell Brings Business Phones To Google Apps

supercell phone resized 600Traditional phone systems are a headache, and more and more businesses are deciding to avoid them altogether. No more expensive, proprietary hardware! No more inflexible service plans! No more being out of the loop when you're out of the office!

Can you imagine an office without phones?

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3 Things Students Should Do Before an Intern Fair

So you’re sitting in that dull accounting class and wondering: "Is there a better way to earn class credit while gaining some real-world experience (and getting me out of this classroom?)"

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5 Tips for Landing an Internship

Businesses are searching for interns for the Summer. If you're seeking an internship, here are five tips to take into consideration.

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3 Reasons to see Coolhead Tech at Intern in Austin

  • April 23, 2013

Intern in Austin will give you a chance to get to know—and maybe work with—some of the world's leading companies and some of Austin's most progressive small businesses. The job event is Sunday, April 28, from 2-5 p.m. at AT&T Conference Center on the UT campus at 1900 University Avenue in Austin.

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How to Send Email to Your Own Gmail Alias

Gmail Aliases (also known as nicknames) are useful in any number of business scenarios.  Our Google Apps customers use Gmail aliases to direct department emails, shorten names, capture misspellings, migrate name changes and a host of other reasons.


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2 Reasons to use Austin's Local Google Apps Reseller

Running a business can stretch you thin with trying to manage every aspect on your own. Trying to gather the knowledge and resources to function your business is challenging, but there are resources that allow for more ease in managing your business.

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