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Survey: Rising Cloud Adoption Spurs Changes to IT - The CIO Report - WSJ

This is happening as more IT Directors and CIOs realize the value of services like The Google Cloud, amazon web services and Rackspace Cloud.

Survey: Rising Cloud Adoption Spurs Changes to IT - The CIO Report - WSJ

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3 Tips For Using HubSpot's Blogging Application

Tip 1: Embedding Video into Your Blog 


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Google takes Chromebook to Best Buy

Lots of exciting announcements out of Google's annual developer conference. I've been particularly interested and excited about the growth of Chromebooks and Google Apps. It's been about a year since I've been on both and in January I completely gave up my Windows PC after 18 years.

We're working on a couple of new Chromebook projects now, incorporating Google Drive and oursmall business booking app.  If you're in Best Buy, check out the Chromebook for business.  It's not flashy but it's a workhorse and will be your go-to device for business.

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Let's Get Your Business to Show Up on Google.

Each day, people go to Google to find local businesses like yours and mine.  If they don't know your business by name, they may search by type of business and city (e.g. "tex-mex Austin").  Let's make sure you show up no matter how they search.

Run an easy-to-create ad on Google that appears to potential customers searching your area for exactly what you offer.

Create your ad by the end of the week and get $100 in free online advertising.  Be one of the first 25 to Follow Coolhead Tech on LinkedIn to receive your free gift card. There's no obligation or commitment.

Google will even provide free sign-up support via telephone.

Here's to finding your next new customer!

Google's AdWords System Goes Mobile - Forbes

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Cloud Computing moves slow for some businesses: Is a Hybrid Cloud Solution the answer?

We are seeing great success with hybrid cloud solutions.  In some cases we can re-purpose a local server and seamlessly integrate the more powerful cloud services.  For small businesses just the simple installation of Google Drive can positively impact operations.   When it comes to your business, do you "like" hybrid cloud solutions?

"For many businesses, hybrid-type solutions might fare best, like having some on-site servers for daily functions or email, but also cloud services to back up data or handle specialized applications that might otherwise be too expensive, said Rodriguez, advising that companies consult with IT professionals."  Cloud computing moves slow for North Jersey businesses : - NorthJersey.com

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Google Drive: 10 million users served -- Engadget

Google Drive is becoming much more than just a refreshed look of the Docs listing.   There's real power in apps, sharing and mobile access.  With the new integration with Chromebooks, iphones and ipads Google Drive is quickly maturing.   Google Drive: 10 million users served -- Engadget:

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Graduating Google

This past month and a half I've been preparing for my Google Sales Certification test which is coming up on June 30. To prepare I've been to seminars, webinars, hangouts and rooftop networking events. I have a new appreciation for these folks!

Meanwhile I've been selling and setting up Small Business "Web Presences" - designed websites, Gmail and local listings based on Google Apps that are optimized for SEO visibility and conversion. Each process takes about 2 weeks and early results for clients has been fantastic, but I'm shy of my final goal for June. 

Do you know someone who's looking to start or grow their business? I'm trying to sell just 8 more SMB Google Apps Packages before the end of the month.

I've posted a self-guided Web package that includes Google Apps, turnkey setup, my Google Playbook and a $200 credit in Google Ad-Words.  $495 in professional services for Google Apps for under $200. 

Check out The Newest Service for Google Apps:   Coolhead Start for Google Apps

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Go Google, Go Green: Energy efficiency in the cloud

There are many benefits to going Google, one of which is the energy efficiency and savings gained by reducing in-house servers or getting rid of local servers all together.   Official Google Enterprise Blog: Energy efficiency in the cloud

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Study: Small Business Web Sites Not Mobile-Friendly

Have you noticed a decline in leads or sales on your website?  Making your small business website mobile-friendly is critical to your success today.   How do you make your site mobile?  That's the issue - it's not easy if you have a traditional site. 

It's easy to copy and paste your site into a mobile friendly website service like Google Sites or Wix.  These services will automatically detect and adjust your site for mobile devices like Ipad, Iphone and Android devices.

Make Going mobile a priority for your business this summer.  If you wait you may be left behind when it comes for holiday shopping (which is sooner than you think!)
Study: Small Business Web Sites Not Mobile-Friendly | CIO Today

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