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How to Provide the Best Content at the Right Time - -Explained in 3 Simple Stages


You've done the hard work of creating buyer personas, and now you're trying to craft content that will attract and convert them. But at times it feels as if you're swimming wildly in the dark. You're not exactly sure how to shape your overall strategy--what content to produce and when to produce it--and that's when the work becomes frustrating and exhausting.

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The Absolute Importance of Understanding Personas: Targeting as an Art Form



You could easily say creating customer personas is the marketing equivalent to writing fiction. It works similarly by creating characters you care about and sometimes basing them on real-life people. While you may debate the idea of customer personas being close to fictional character creation, consider how much you can learn by creating an imaginary customer.

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Here's How Inbound Marketing Got our Foot In the Door With a Top-Tier Presidential Campaign.


When a world renown neurosurgeon who happens to be considering a run for the most powerful office in world contacts you for IT consulting, you better bring your A (apps) Game.

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Here's Why Everyone Should be Onboard with Buyer Personas


Zig Ziglar once said, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." That, in a nutshell, is why everyone should be onboard with personas.

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A Non-Sales Guy's Review of Hubspot's Inbound Sales Certification Course.

  • April 7, 2016

Traditional sales processes frustrate the heck out of me, what about you?  A recent Hubspot Research report states that less than half of consumers say their interaction with Sales was positive.   Now they’re out to change that perception by offering a transformative sales certification class involving an Inbound Sales Methodology.  

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Our 5 Favorite Cloud Certifications and Credentials of 2016

Here at Coolhead Tech, our experience means that we know how to value expertise in computers and technology. Specifically, we like those who have extensive knowledge in the fields of cloud computing applications, wireless network management and marketing software expertise.

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Why Bother Paying for Google Apps?

Google offers some pretty stock replies and benefits to paying the $5/month for a Google for Work account.  I'll cover those and my personal opinions below.  

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The 2015 Google for Work Holiday Lockdown Guide

Before you leave the office for a holiday vacation take these 6 practical steps to secure your Google Apps account , messages and files: Change passwords, Check device passcode settings, Take the new Google Apps security walk through, shutdown the office network. While on Vacation and away, be alert to fake "phishing" scams related to work.

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Google offers Mid-size Enterprise Free Business Apps

The benefits of Google for Work include a laundry list of tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Drive and Forms as well as exceptional communications tools like Hangouts, Calendar and Gmail. As tempting as these offerings may be, companies may still be locked in to contracts with other providers. Never shying away from workarounds, Google has come up with a great one. As part of an unprecedented promotion, customers can enjoy all of the applications Google for Work offers for free.

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