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WATCH: 1 Minute video: secure, mobile communications for entire team

Communication is an aid used in our daily activity, either personal or business undertaking. In a business enterprise, valuable communication is essential for the day-to-day operations within a company as it can also influence transactions and profitability.  With out-of-doors business communication, the internal and external framework for a company can cross diverse challenges that will ultimately lead to its failure

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Is There Real Value in Change Management?


Using Google Apps is a proven method for increasing productivity and agility in all types of businesses, but transitioning from your existing cloud platform or local network can seem daunting. No matter how many users your company has, making sure your apps, email, and other communication tools work reliably during and after the switch is absolutely crucial. Many companies think they can get through the process without much help, but even intuitive tools like Google Apps require training and support. That’s why effective change management will have a ton of value for your organization.

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Introducing The Technical Transition Guide for Google Apps




This Technical Transition Guide for Business, Education, and Government discusses the steps required to migrate the components of your existing legacy system (mobile devices, calendar data, mail, user accounts).

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Can I run an on-premise solution like Microsoft Exchange alongside Google Apps?


Many businesses run on-premise email servers and software that is completely suitable to their needs and goals. However, you may want to run Google Apps at the same time as part of your overall business strategy and wonder if there would any conflict between the two email systems. Luckily, it is entirely possible to run an on-premise email system and Google Apps without any conflict. What follows is reasons you would want to do so and how to implement such a system.

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5 Cool Bars You can Walk to from the JW Austin.

In honor of the Midsize Enterprise Summit West coming to Austin next week - We asked Apps Admins for some bars within walking distance of the host hotel, The JW Marriott.   Austin loves its nightlife! Some of the best bars have music, some don’t. But they all have a special something that harkens back to Texas, because Texans love a dive bar, a dancehall and a party.

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Apps Admins:   Here's How to Monitor Key Activities on Managed Devices in the Google Admin Console.


One of the most useful of Google Apps new features for Admins  is the ability to monitor limited activities on company mobile devices.   Security on mobile devices has become a concern in the modern world and businesses have to be mindful of company activity to avoid data breaches. Also many company devices require certain versions of software or operating systems platforms to properly function. With mobile management you not only keep company mobile devices safe you also keep them functional. Here is a brief overview of what Google Mobile Management allows you to do as an administrator and how it makes your job easier.

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Google Certified Apps Administrators Offer Free Services to Midsize Enterprises.


Mature companies and IT Departments rely on core communications and productivity software to be at the helm of their well-oiled machines.   There's work to be done and a cloud migration, whether for communications or collaboration can be disruptive, that is until now.  As the competition for Cloud productivity apps like Office 365 and Google Apps for Work is growing up, mature Cloud Service Providers like Coolhead Tech are brewing up a perfect storm for mid-market companies ready to go Cloud by offering flat-rate Apps Administration services through AppsAdmins.com

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Discover how Mid-market companies receive big productivity Gains with RingCentral for Google.


Here at Coolhead Tech, we focus on the latest innovations in cloud computing for businesses and education. Because of this, we're partners with both Google Apps for Work and RingCentral, In this article, we'll discuss RingCentral for Google, and how that can benefit you.

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6 Reasons to Move Your Company to Google Apps and solve Common IT Challenges.


Businesses face many challenges in the modern market to stay competitive being inefficient in one of several key areas can cost a business greatly. One such area is in IT infrastructure. IT is a necessity in the modern world but can be a challenge to maintain.

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