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4 key advantages to a Cloud based PBX

Here at Coolhead Tech, we often write about the benefits behind adopting cloud PBX systems, especially in comparison the pricier, more traditional PBX. Instead of just telling you that cloud PBX is better without telling you why, however, we'll use this article to give you an overview of the main four advantages in using a cloud PBX system, as opposed to pretty much anything else.

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How to Factory Reset a Chromebook

Google Calls it "Powerwashing a chromebook"  but this procedure will allow you to remove all settings, restrictions and enterprise security from a chromebook.  This will factory reset your chromebook.

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The New Differences Between Dropbox and Google Drive

Cloud storage is a big thing in the modern day, especially with the prevalenace of cloud computing- that is, moving all of our data and computing tasks to the cloud and browser-based applications. Two of the biggest names in cloud storage are Google Drive and Dropbox- two fairly different services that we'll be discussing in-depth in this article.

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The "Google Apps Standard" Myth Explained

When you talk to different people in the tech industry today, or even in different business circles, you’re bound to come across a few myths about most tech products. One of those is that there’s one standard edition of Google Apps for Business. At Coolhead Tech it’s a myth that we come across time and again from misinformed customers. To get things straight right off the bat, there is no standard business edition of Google Apps. In fact there are three options from which different businesses can choose. Each option caters to a different type of business, so it’s important to know which one is right for you.



Google Apps for Business

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Introducing the Google for EDU Training Center

It can be tough to get teachers to use new tools, but with the right support you can make it happen. Transitioning from paper and pen to digital resources can be difficult. When we went from mimeograph machines to copiers, teachers didn't mind that they could stop cranking that barrel to make funky, blue inked copies. Students were upset that they lost that great chemical smell, but we replaced it soon enough with the aroma of dry erase markers. Teachers love those over chalk because they're not as messy and have an array of colors.

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SMB Insurance Provider sees Huge Improvement in Phone Reliability and Features with Cloud PBX

We often speak positively of one of our partners for VoIP solutions, RingCentral. RingCentral is a business that offers cloud-based phone services (ie, cloud PBX instead of traditional, on-site PBX) with a far greater featureset than on-site PBX and a significantly smaller price, at that. RingCentral is usually praised for its high-end enterprise features and easily customizable web interface, allowing IT managers and business owners to more easily use the software.

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Radicati Market Quadrant covers Cloud Business Email

Google Apps is ranked 9 in Functionality and 1 in market share.   Did Your Email provider make the quadrant?

Radicati Market Quadrants are created to visually explain how individual vendors fit within specific technology markets at a point in time. Radicati Market Quadrants are made of four sections which are as follows:

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Comparing Vonage Phones vs RingCentral for Google

Vonage Business Phones and RingCentral for Google represent two of the most popular VoIP service options out there for business phone systems that operate on the Cloud. Virtual business phones have become increasingly popular as more and more communication and data storage apps head to the Cloud for increased accessibility, efficiency, and cost-savings, just to name a few common advantages. 

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Raising a Ruckus in the Google Classroom

Google's Chromebooks have made great strides since their initial announcement in 2011. The concept of a lightweight computer designed around running only Chrome OS was something fairly new back then, but it was a gamble that's worked fairly well for Google. Chromebooks have seen great success in both consumer and business applications, as well as educational ones.

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