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Top New Features for Google Apps Admins in May 2016


Recently, Google made a major update to Google Apps that introduced three new APIs and, with them, multiple new features to the Google Apps suite. Fortunately, all of these new features mean a lot more power is in the hands of Google Apps Admins. Let's discuss the most prominent ones.

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4 Reasons to Give Up on Your Old PBX Phone System This Summer.


Every thriving company needs decision makers with a keen eye for innovations in communications technology and the wherewithal to know when to give up on a dying technology. 

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Does Retail's Answer to Affordable Digital Signage fit in the palm of your hand?


The most powerful tool of a small to midsize business looking to compete in an oversaturated marketplace might just be one that fits in the palm of your hand. Of all the chrome devices on the market, the Chromebit by ASUS represents the most potent piece of technology in a smaller-sized business's arsenal. 

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Here's Why You Should Re-Assign your Google Apps Super Administrator

Your Google Apps Super Administrator is, hands down, the most powerful user in your system. While this may seem obvious, most companies haven't thought about the practical implications of that fact.

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5 Ways RingCentral's Contact Center App makes your Call Center Software Obsolete.

If you have an active call center and a solution that's more than 4 years old, it's time to upgrade to a cloud based solution that's significantly more powerful and provides signficant cost savings.

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Our 3 Favorite Integrations for Gmail for Business Users

Using Gmail for your business is a solution that will work well for many small businesses but shows its limitations when implemented for larger organizations. However, adding a few business app integrations to Gmail can make it an efficient tool for everything from customer relationship management (CRM), business communications and document management.

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3 Benefits of Integrating Business Apps and 1 watch point.

We here at Coolhead Tech are huge supporters of cloud integration in IT and networking, but before we get into the benefits, what does "cloud integration" actually mean and what are the benefits?

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Our Favorite Integration for Freshbooks is Fundbox.

#FundboxFaces.   Here at Coolhead Tech, we have a strong focus on Cloud and business applications. While we primarily focus on rolling out Google Apps and Hubspot deployments, we also deal with applications like Freshbooks, which is used to create and manage invoices for freelancers and small-medium sized businesses.

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