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Google is the Word, the Word that You Heard.

Up until recently, work was set at one physical location with the bright and even groggy smiles of your coworkers. However, in this day and age work is where and when you want it. While e-mails, texting, phone calls, and dare we say letter postage, have worked in some aspects to bridge the gaps of location and time, there are now tools available transforming the way you work. Google Enterprise now rebranded as Google for Work has brought innovation into your workplace. If you've listened in on the chatter word has it offices all over the world are "Going Google". Should your office jump on board? To help you decide, below is an overview of Google for Work and a discussion of how reinventing the way you work could supercharge your business.

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A fresh look at Google's Presentation App

  • February 16, 2016

The Highlights of the Google Slides app

Imagine working on a slide presentation with several people at the same time without having to email each other your progress. Google has created exactly that with Google Slides. Google Slides allows you to create and edit, as well as collaborate and present from anywhere.

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Business Branding with Gmail for Work.

Email addresses can make or break your business. For example, if you use an email address that ends with Comcast or Yahoo, you risk coming off as unprofessional. Using an email with your company as your domain makes it easier for customers to retain and remember your business. Gmail for Work makes creating and managing your own domain simple, whether you are creating a domain name from scratch or you want to migrate from Microsoft Exchange or another server.

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Check Out These New Features in Google Forms

Google Forms is a popular proponent of Google Apps used to make free, online, customizable surveys. Google Forms can be used to create anything from a quick poll to in-depth survey or quiz. In fact, pretty much anything that you could think of making a "form" for- event invitations, mail lists, etc- can be done with Google Forms. At Coolhead Tech, we use Forms alongside other Google Apps. Recently, Google Forms has seen a levy of new feature updates, which we'll tell you about here.

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Outlook Contacts vs Google Contacts

  • February 12, 2016

If you use both Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook you can take advantage of Google Apps Sync. One of the many features of Google Apps Sync is that it allows you to have your personal contact information imported and synchronized between Outlook and Google.

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Top 5 TechEd Resources CHT released at TCEA

The TCEA Convention is a major, annual event in education and technology alike. It takes place in the first week of February, every year, and invites hundreds of industry experts and major businesses to present at the Convention- ourselves included. The 2016 TCEA Convention has already come and gone, leaving in its wake a wealth of new TechEd resources for the community to review for themselves. TechEd partners were in full force at this convention, and Coolheaad Tech is no different.

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How can Google Sheets help you organize data with multiple users?

  • February 11, 2016

Traditional spreadsheet programs have powerful tools for organizing and analyzing data.This can be great—until you need to collaborate with co-workers on a particular project. Before long, your carefully-constructed spreadsheet devolves into a jumble of inaccurate figures and broken formulas.

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How do I know if any hackers or viruses have infiltrated my device?

When your device inexplicably malfunctions, the chances are high that it's been hacked or nearly KO'd by some wicked virus. Identifying the telltale signs is one way to pinpoint and address such ill effects. With knowledge, you're better prepared to implement prevention. Here are a few clues that indicate something wicked has compromised your device.

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Does Your School's Wireless make the Grade?

Google Chromebooks has been quietly taking the educational world by storm in the past few years, accounting for dramatic and impressive increases of devices shipped to American classrooms since 2012. While Microsoft and iPad shipments have been either stationary or in retrograde, Chromebooks have enjoyed a whopping increase approaching 30%.

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