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5 Benefits of Google Business Apps

With apps available everywhere, sometimes it's hard to decide what apps you should use for your business. Here are five reasons for using Google Business Apps. The Apps are easy to start using, As powerful as you want them to be, cost efficient, high security and there's a mainstream and wide support available.  There's also cake.

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An Overview of Google Apps for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare providers have unique needs when it comes to data and communication. In order to provide quality health care, patient records must be accurate, complete, and readily available. Collaboration between health professionals is critical. Real-time communication across employee groups ensures the best patient care possible. Google Apps for Work and Google Drive for work make this possible. Beyond that, Google productivity tools are HIPAA compliant.

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Introduction to Google Apps Message Encryption

Companies using Google Apps for healthcare and other industries where privacy is a concern can take advantage of a special encryption feature designed by ZixCorp, an industry leader in email data protection.

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Making Work from Home Work with RingCentral

We all know that working smarter is preferable to working harder. Employers have long valued employees who can multitask effectively. It's about time someone make a computer capable of multitasking, too. That time has come. 

RingCentral leverages cloud-based PBX services without a lot of expensive equipment simply and economically, to bring your business into the 21st Century.  With Ringcentral & Google for Work your employees working at home can benefit from the same tools as those working in the office.  Oh how we love Cool Tech! 

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Decision Time for Manufacturers - Upgrading Email Servers

Manufacturers who haven't already switched over to the cloud to handle their email need to look into the advantages of this new technology to determine whether or not it's the right solution for their company. Understanding the benefits cloud email applications offer in terms of accessibility and cost effective is very important in today's rapidly-evolving online business atmosphere. 

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Whirlpool's Big Win in the Cloud

Appliance giant Whirlpool's experience switch over to Google Apps in 2013 shows how advantageous Google for manufacturing capabilities can be. Whirlpool CIO Mike Heim- a man who has spent the majority of his career in information technology- took Whirlpool in a new direction in migrating to the cloud and taking advantage of Google's suite of application to take care of business.

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The Apps Admin's Guide to Becoming HIPAA Compliant with Google for Work

Healthcare Companies using Google for Work Apps to handle sensitive client data regulated by HIPAA now have a comprehensive compliance guide available to help ensure proper handling of Protected Health Information (PHI). Google Apps for Work released a HIPAA implementation guide in February of 2015 that shows Google's dedication to meeting healthcare industry standards and making Google Apps for Work usable in the healthcare industry. Now, it's possible to use Google Apps for Healthcare Companies thanks to measures that have been taken by Google to ensure information security.

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Coolhead Tech Welcomes Ruckus, Simply Better Wireless

  • September 13, 2015

As a leading provider of enterprise Cloud services, Coolhead Tech has always delivered the finest technology to its SMB & Enterprise customers. Our recent addition of Ruckus Wireless and its superior WiFi product line only serves to strengthen this ability. 

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