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Google Extends Free Backup to Gmail for Work

A few months ago Google released a rudimentary "All or Nothing" 10 Day backup and restore of deleted Drive content for individual people in their domain using the Admin console.  This is a quick recovery and backup solution for files accidentally deleted in Google Drive.   Today Google added the ability to restore Gmail messages that were inadvertently deleted and restore them to the Gmail inbox.  Google has extended the date range up to 25 days and Admins can perform bulk restores on up to 10 user accounts at a time.   The functionality is rolling out to Google Apps Admin Panels immediately.  Read More: Restore deleted Drive and Gmail data

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Google Docs vs MS Word - 3 Quick Differences

A good word processing program is flexible and easy to use with as few restrictions and distractions as possible. There are a handful of word processing programs and applications, with Microsoft Word being one of the most popular and well-known. For a long time, there were not many alternatives to Word, especially for professionals who needed specific features. Fortunately, we have an alternative that is dependable, innovative, and packed with user friendly features.

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October 2014 Known Issues - Google Apps for Work

Google Apps is a powerful suite of productivity tools that can help businesses and professionals stay organized and productive from any device, and almost any location. Popular tools like a word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet solution, and even collaborative functions are included in Google Apps.

Being a cloud based service, it’s impressive that Google maintains almost uninterrupted uptime, however users should be aware that there are small issues that can occur from time to time. To manage workflow and to stay on top of all tasks, it’s important to know which known issues exist, and the current workarounds for them.

These are the latest issues as confirmed by Google on September 30, 2014, and the workarounds for them where available.

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Introduction to Google Drive Apps

A wide range of business apps can be used with Google Drive, increasing the functionality and the usefulness of the product at work. The number of possibilities is significant and each individual or business can choose a selection of Google Drive Apps that will enhance corporate activities.

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McKinsey’s Networked Enterprises use of Web 2.0

McKinsey’s survey research suggests that organizations which use the Web intensively have more market share and get higher margins. It has been proven that today’s era is marked by Web 2.0 technologies which are the main for high corporate performances. These networked enterprises use Web 2.0 technologies to connect to the internal efforts of employees and also to extend the organization’s reach to its partners, customers and suppliers. The findings of the research also suggested that the networked enterprises are only more likely to be market leaders but also use management practices that can lead to margin higher as compared to those companies which use the Web in limited ways.

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6 Key differences between Gmail and Outlook

When choosing an e-mail service many people are content to settle for their current service or what is pre-installed on their computer. Giving your e-mail service a second thought is well worth the time. Gmail and Outlook are two major email services and are worthy of noting the key differences that make them the primary email choice.

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Setting up Google Apps Sync for Outlook

One of the prime benefits of Google apps sync is its ease of installation and set-up. Once accomplished, this program will sync your Outlook account with a Google Apps account in the cloud allowing you to access it from either platform. Here are the basics of the implementation process to let you know what to expect:

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4 Ways to use Gmail For Business Productivity

Many people use Gmail for personal use, but people use Gmail for business as well for a number of reasons. Using Gmail for business provides companies with a tool that allows employees to communicate in an effective and efficient manner. In fact, you can use Gmail to help increase business productivity as well. The following are 4 ways to use Gmail for business productivity:

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5 Things you should never put in a Google Presentation

When you’re designing a Google Presentation, you probably follow a few good practices such as using a simple template with proper fonts, sizes and spacing, and high-quality images. However, after spending a lot of time and sweat making a presentation, it can be easy to lose sight of what not to do. Here are five things you should never put in a Google Presentation.

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