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4 Benefits of Google Email Hosting

  • February 24, 2014

Google Business Apps are some of the most innovative technological tools available for savvy business owners. These apps can provide you with a broad range of services, from web storage solutions to various forms of business communications. Another great function of these business oriented applications is email hosting. Google email hosting is great for owners of both large and small businesses, helping to create a communications interface that is free of clutter and easy to navigate. Here are four unique benefits of using this service:

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5 Tips on How to Build your Linkedin Profile

Building a professional profile profile today is important for an Apps Admin.  This is the era of the social enterprise and you need to participate.   A great profile helps your professional career and your employer's image.  LinkedIn allows you to network, find  jobs, share ideas with other professionals, and create business opportunities and much more. We all wonder, well what can I do to become noticed on LinkedIn? Where do I start?

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3 Benefits of Google's Business Apps

Google Apps for Business is software that you can access anywhere from a computer, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have an Internet connection. It uses what is commonly called cloud computing or “software-as-a-service” where the software resides on a server on the Internet.  You access this software via a secure link over the Internet.

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An Introduction to Hubspot

Coolhead Tech recently announced that we've become "Certified Everything" when it comes to Hubspot and inbound marketing. What does that mean and what the heck is Hubspot anyway?   Hubspot is to Marketing what Google Apps is to Operations.  That's why we love it, Hubspot is the perfect marketing companion to Google Apps.

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Deleting and Restoring A Google GSuite User

Two of the most common tasks for a Google Apps Admin is creating and deleting user accounts.  While seemingly simple ("Do I just choose Delete?") Apps Admins should discuss a forming a company procedure that can help protect your organization and domain.

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The 3 Types of Google Apps Users that Need Backup

  • February 18, 2014

As a Google Apps Admin, one of your jobs is to keep an eye on things that go on with company files. Have you ever had a file or even an entire set of files randomly disappear, never to be found again? This sort of thing can easily be prevented with proper back-ups performed on a regular basis, via Cloud Backup services. So, how do you know which users files to keep a close eye on? Which files should be backed up regularly?

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Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

What is Cloud Computing?

You hear the word in tech circles all the times these days:  "I have my business on the cloud!"  What exactly does that mean?

Cloud computing is a reference to computing resources, (like software or hardware) that exist on computers that are a distance from the user, and are delivered and employed by end users as a service over a network like the internet.  Chances are likely that you are already using cloud-based computing without even realizing it; for instance, web-based email services are "in the cloud."

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Google starts Certifying Apps Admins

Google has quietly launched a certification path for Administrators of Google Apps For Business and it's no walk in the park.  Early reports from test takers is that the exam, while fair, is comprehensive and demonstrates enterprise level administrative control for business and organizational use of the fledgling office suite.

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An Overview of Managed Services

  • February 17, 2014

Managed Services is the process of outsourcing some day-to-day management or services at a company as a way of accessing a higher level of professionals than a company may be able to afford, as well as cutting operating costs within an operation.

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