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Driving for the Best Business Email Server

Currently there are two common types of Business Email servers, the in house exchange server and hosted exchanger server. Google Business Apps is not only a viable alternative, but its features make it preferable for small and medium-sized businesses. Google Business Appsprovides more than just the basics which are reliabile and efficient, it offers many of the same benefits of each server with a few benefits of its own.


In House Exchange Server

This one is by far the most common, if not the most popular server. This server became popular because of it's affordability and not the abilities of the server. Usually called the “tower of power” it is really more like a closet of power. The Inhouse Exchange server is generally located inside a closet or room designed specifically for servers which is efficent for small to medium businesses. Unlike Gmail for business, the first few years is adequate, but did not last beyond 5 years. This would be like the server only being reliable for the first 40,000 miles when comparing it to a car. This is a financial drain for your business for something that will not last long.

In-house Exchange Servers are popular for several reasons:

  • Small to medium businesses have absolute control of own servers.

  • No question of who has access to documents and messages.

  • Provide Offline access to messages as needed.

To continue the car analogy, having a Hosted Exchange Server is comparable to leasing a Cadillac. It has more features than you were even aware of, most of which you will never have a use for and in the end it isn’t yours. So it is a bigger ticket purchase to say that you have it, but will not be as beneficial as the price tag suggests. 

Apart from having a number of cool features, there are several other reasons small and medium-sized companies think Hosted Exchange Servers provide the best business email.

  • You get support on them, which saves on having to employ staff to maintain and fix it.
  • With some servers, you can keep your existing domain and move your mailboxes as they are.
  • The cost is predictable.

Google Business Apps - Coolhead Tech's Pick for Overall Best Business Email

Using Gmail for small and medium-sized businesses includes more benefits from both servers. Google Apps for Business is like having a pay-as-you-go car that can go up to 200 miles an hour. You don’t get the fluff features that you don’t understand or need, but you do get the longevity that you want to make your money go further. Google Business Apps gives your business the versatility you want at a consistent price without having to sacrifice security or efficiency.