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How to Send Email to Your Own Gmail Alias

Written by Christopher Alghini (Google Cloud Consultant) | April 18, 2013

Gmail Aliases (also known as nicknames) are useful in any number of business scenarios.  Our Google Apps customers use Gmail aliases to direct department emails, shorten names, capture misspellings, migrate name changes and a host of other reasons.

Google and Google Apps Resellers even include a gmail alias for every user that follows the format   But if you try sending to your own test account you will receive nothing.  That's because by default Gmail does not allow you to send email to your own alias.  By default the message addressed to your own gmail alias remains in your sent box but will not appear in your inbox.  

Here's how to modify how Google handles sending a message to your own Gmail Alias.

1.  Once inside Gmail click the Preferences Cog in the upper right and choose Settings - Then select the Gmail Accounts tab.



2.  In the "Send Mail as" section click Add Another Email Address you own.



 A pop up window will appear:

3. Add the Name and Address of your gMail alias(nickname)

Leave Treat as An Alias checked.

4. Click Next Step.






5.  Click Send Verification.  


Once you receive and click through the verification email you'll be to Send And Receive as the Gmail Alias.