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7 of our favorite Things To Do On Sunday Morning in Austin


Sunday morning in Austin is often the extension of the Saturday night before, especially for visitors. Whether you are still up or whether you are waking up, you will need to start with some strong coffee, perhaps...

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How to Provide the Best Content at the Right Time - -Explained in 3 Simple Stages


You've done the hard work of creating buyer personas, and now you're trying to craft content that will attract and convert them. But at times it feels as if you're swimming wildly in the dark. You're not exactly sure how to shape your overall strategy--what content to produce and when to produce it--and that's when the work becomes frustrating and exhausting.

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Ask a Google Apps Admin - Intro to Google Apps Security and Privacy



Here at Coolhead Tech, we're introducing a new series called Ask A Google Apps Admin. In this series, we'll be discussing various need-to-know topics for businesses and Apps Admins hoping to perform large deployments (100+) or simply wanting to maintain best practices.

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The Absolute Importance of Understanding Personas: Targeting as an Art Form



You could easily say creating customer personas is the marketing equivalent to writing fiction. It works similarly by creating characters you care about and sometimes basing them on real-life people. While you may debate the idea of customer personas being close to fictional character creation, consider how much you can learn by creating an imaginary customer.

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See how you can boost productivity with RingCentral for Google. [Demo on Demand]


The primary goal of all aspects of RingCentral for Google is to implement RingCentral/cloud PBX communication features directly into the web apps offered by Google Apps. In this post, we'll discuss the most major implementations in three different Google Apps, as well as a link to a live demonstration that goes into more detail.

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Google Apps Update Roundup: Top 3 New Features for Google Apps Users in June 2016


Another month means another set of Google Apps New Features, and June is no exception. The latest update to Google Apps has brought new features to consumers and business customers alike, and in this article we'll be discussing the three big new features for the consumer side of things. Let's begin!

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This Orange Cool-Aid Makes the Impossible Possible

Congratulations to Lindsay Perry and Coolhead Tech on Winning a Hubspot 2016 Impact Award for Integrations Innovation!


What If I told you that the "secret" to transforming a client from being an “unknown” in the political sphere to a top tier presidential candidate in less than a year, was as simple as drinking orange Cool-aid. Impossible Right?

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Full-featured phone system Add-on for Google Apps [Case Study]


Here on Coolhead Tech, we talk a lot about the power of Google Apps, RingCentral and other business apps. Today we're going to take a little break from simply describing perks today, however, and instead discuss a real-life case study. We've covered RingCentral for Google extensively recently, but now we're going to talk about how that effected Lindamood-Bell, a midmarket company based in California.

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Here's How Inbound Marketing Got our Foot In the Door With a Top-Tier Presidential Campaign.


When a world renown neurosurgeon who happens to be considering a run for the most powerful office in world contacts you for IT consulting, you better bring your A (apps) Game.

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