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4 Questions to Ask Before Picking a Cloud Backup Service

Moving essential business operations like data storage and email to the cloud can reduce costs, streamline processes and minimize the need for in-house IT support. Cloud-based systems have many other benefits. They enable remote employees to access essential information and collaborate effectively online.

 How would losing all your email and docs affect your company?    Data backup and recovery is mission critical to your business.  Due to the increasing number of providers, choosing the right cloud backup company can be a daunting task. If you are a business owner or a manager, you will need to ask four essential questions before choosing the right service provider.

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Comparing Google Drive, Sync, and the Mobile App

Avoid the sinking feeling that happens when you realize the document you want is only available back home or on your computer at work. When your files are in Google Drive, you can reach them with any computer, Smartphone, or tablet. The days of sorting through bulky carry-along folders and hoping the most recent updates are included are over. What makes Google Drive, Google Drive Sync, and Google Drive Mobile Apps uncomplicated enough to be a success with people from all walks of life? It's the installation of Drive on tablets, Smartphones, laptops, and desktops that makes it easy to access the files that are safely kept in online file storage.

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Google’s Vision for the Future of Enterprise IT: 100% Web

Google looks to 100% web world as an ideal state for business IT so that applications are delivered from a shared infrastructure through Internet and then accessed on any browser-enabled device. Such a model can improve areas related to collaboration, productivity, mobility and cost efficiency. 100% Web could prove to be better than cloud computing which delivers value only short term and leaves the customers to costs of managing client software while also exposing their data through insecure devices. With 100% Web, application and data are stored centrally and served from scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure.

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Why Have a Managed Google Apps Account for Your Business ?

Google apps are easier to use than ever before, and they have been designed that way purposefully. After all, Google's making a bid to change the world, much like Apple Computers did in the mid 1980’s. The benefits of Google Apps are nearly unlimited, so let’s discuss them first

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One Way the Cloud Changes Nothing

Cloud computing--even the name sounds like something lofty and impressive doesn't it? The cloud is the in place to be this year. Every major computing and software company is offering your business a place in the cloud. There are some real benefits.

The fact is that cloud computing offers you benefits such as the ability to share and collaborate on the fly, to allow all of your employees to log in from the internet and it is slightly more cost effective than the old mainframe computing methods.

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3 Reasons to Tell Go Daddy You've Gone Google This Month.

  • June 29, 2014

Summer is a great time for businesses to switch to Google Apps, especially businesses in Central Texas.  This month, we're specifically helping GoDaddy customers move Gmail for Business so they can gain collaboration tools like Google Drive, Calendars, Docs and Spreadsheets.  As a Google Apps Premier Partner we're dedicating Google Certified Techs and Google Trainers to helping Small and Mid-size businesses upgrade from GoDaddy Email.


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To Infinity and Beyond! Announcing Triple Unlimited for Google Apps

Google Apps Unlimited provides businesses with unlimited Google Drive space, added sharing and audit controls and a host of additional features that Google promises to to help unlimit your business.    Today we're pleased to announce additional unlimited services to allow your business to upgrade to Google Drive for Work with confidence.  In addition to Google Apps Unlimited (Google Drive for work) Triple Unlimited for Google Apps includes Premier services from Spanning Backup (unlimited backup of Gmail, Google Drive, Sites and Contacts) and Unlimited Google Apps Admin Support from Coolhead's Google Apps Certified Admins.   Check out the best way to Go Google Unlimited at www.TripleUnlimited.com

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Business App of the week: Signals by Hubspot

The app, Signals by Hubspot, has quickly become one of the most popular inbound marketing tools online. With the ability to connect to both Outlook and Gmail, the program will let you know when a person has opened an e-mail you have sent them. It can also notify you if a link within the e-mail has been opened. For advanced users, there are additional tracking capabilities available that can help you to maximize the experience you have with this marketing program.

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What Google Drive for Work means for Austin Businesses

Today’s announcement of Google Apps Unlimited is huge news for any business using Google Apps for work.    Not only do business users get unlimited online storage, they get the security and process controls they need to effectively manage their business.  

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