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5 Benefits of Google Business Apps

Each day you find yourself overloaded with new apps from all angles. However, when you cut through all the clutter and noise, you are likely to find yourself using one of the many important Google business apps. Why is this? It is quite simple, Google business apps have many important facets and benefits that are hard to deny and ultimately bring a huge user and support base.

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How secure and private is my data on Google Apps?

In today's age of blazing fast mobile Internet speeds and shrinking mobile computing devices, everyone is finding new ways to use technology. A growing number of professionals have found freedom from their desk and office with their remote office. A business that is set up to properly accommodate a remote workforce needs to consider cloud security.

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4 differences between NSMail and Google Apps

  • November 20, 2013

There are some key differences between Gmail and NSMail, and they have to do with the critical features in emailing that make it safe, efficient, and productive across different industries and levels of technical prowess. These critical features manifest differently in Network Solutions Mail vs Google Mail, inasmuch as the basic objective of each service is to enhance communication through and around emailing:

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Known Issues: 4 Problems in the Google Apps Admin Panel

  • November 19, 2013

At some point in time, any program encounters issues or bugs that are inconvenient at best for the users of these pieces of software, and this happens to even the best of the best.  Google Apps encounters a number of issues that we are aware of. Meanwhile, we felt the need to bring to light three Google Apps admin panel problems that many people are currently running into to help keep you informed. 

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The 5 Types of Google Apps Admins

google-apps-adminThe need to bring any business up to date with new technology is vital and Google's cloud collaboration working environment is the best due to a number of benefits. Google products promote interaction and collaboration. They understand mobile and their technology is web-based and cloud-based. Businesses move to Google to embrace the digital world; and mobility and release the creativity and collaboration that everyone wants to experience.

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The 4 Best Tools for Google Apps Migration

Google Apps Migrations resources are those utilities which help in easily migrating a large amount of data to Google Apps. All of these Google Apps tools are utilized for various purposes and serve an organization for performance enhancement and data control.

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Apps Admin: Here's what the different accounts in Hubspot can do.

Founded in 2006, HubSpot has helped over 8,500 companies improve and manage their digital marketing efforts. One of the benefits of using HubSpot is the ability to coordinate your marketing efforts by creating supplementary accounts for employees or other members of your team. There are seven user roles to choose from, each providing varying levels of access to the applications and tools on the site. Here is a brief description of each user profile, which will help you select the right one for each team member.

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Managing Multiple Domains with Google Apps

The Google Apps customer account uses the organization’s internet domain. Users can get access to Google Apps simply by signing in to the user accounts on the domain. A lot of organizations have multiple internet domains which might represent distinct business units, geographies or brands.

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Known Issues: 4 Problems with Google Apps Sync

Google Apps Sync allows Google Apps for Business customers to effectively use Microsoft Outlook with Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts.   Because of issues inherent in end-user Windows PCS, we always prefer the Google Apps Webmail interface.  If you are using Google Apps Sync here are some additional known issues you should be aware of.

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