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What You Need to Know about your Google Docs List Changing to Google Drive

Coolhead Tech is excited to announce the final migration to Google Drive, a new way to access and share all your files and folders, at any time and on any device. Google Drive replaces and enhances what you know today as your Google Documents List.

What is Google Drive?

Think of Google Drive as your personal stash of files and folders that follows you wherever you go - it lets you keep everything and share anything. With Google Drive, you can access files, folders, and Google Docs from a web browser or any device where you've installed your Google Drive.

Your Google Drive is in the cloud, but you can also install the desktop and mobile application to access your files from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other Android or iOS mobile device, in addition to the online interface at drive.google.com. Google Drive's built-in sync capability ensures that your files, folders, and Google Docs are the same on all your devices.

How do I try out Google Drive?

  • Visit Google Drive on the web atdrive.google.com.
  • Download and install the Google Drive for your Mac/PC application. This lets you sync files from your hard drive to Google Drive on the web, giving you access to your files on any device, at any time.
  • [Optional] If you'd like to access your Google Drive contents on your Android or iOS device, see Google Drive on a mobile device.

How is the Google Drive online interface different from my current Google Documents List?

The Google Drive online interface looks similar to the Google Documents List you're used to, with a few key differences:

Collections are now called Folders.

When you first switch to Google Drive, a new folder called My Drive contains:

  • Documents that you own or have previously uploaded 
  • Folders you own and the items contained within (regardless of ownership)

Note  only items contained in My Drive are synced to your computer and other devices. If you want to sync items from Google Drive on the web that aren't contained in My Drive by default, just drag them to My Drive.

Other items that would have previously appeared in the Home view can easily be found elsewhere. You can choose different views and filters to see recently opened documents, starred items, documents that have been shared with you, items owned by a particular person, files of a particular type, and more.

You'll have powerful new options to search, sort, or preview your files before opening them.

See the Google Drive user help to learn more about Google Drive versus your Documents List, and how to navigate your Google Drive online interface.

Where can I get more information?

To get started with Google Drive, visit the Google Apps Learning Center.

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3 Ways SMBs Can Capitalize On Google's Ad Dominance

"There are several factors underpinning Google’s ascent to market leader, including the continued strength of its ad network, video advertising on YouTube, and mobile display advertising on AdMob," eMarketer said in its research summary. That's something that small and midsize business (SMB) professionals, especially those overwhelmed by the massive menu of social, mobile, and online advertising platforms, can use to their advantage

Austin Go Local customers can get $100 in free Adwords credit when they spend their first $25.  Coolhead Tech and Google will even help set up your first Adwords campaign.

Read the full article at Information Week: 3 Ways SMBs Can Capitalize On Google's Dominance - Smb -

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ALTA Shines with Austin Performance of Cuerdas

This past weekend I had the opportunity to see ALTA (Austin Latino Theater Alliance) perform Cuerdas (Strings), their first play outside of their traditional holiday performance of La Pastorela.

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Get the Most Out of Google Mail for Business

No, email for business is not dead. Email for business is alive, and perhaps more important than ever for business. To compete in today's business climate, effective and efficient communications, managing information about business operations and customers, and building profitable relationships is vital.For many businesses, Gmail, the free version, is the email tool of choice. Maybe now is the time to step up to Gmail for Business to take your business to the next level?

Here are seven tips to help you reap the benefits of Google Apps and Gmail in your business.

1. Use Your Own Domain Name in Your Email

When you send an email to a customer or prospect using john.johnson77@gmail.com rather than johnjohnson@denverplumbingsolutions.com you bring your credibility and reliability into question. You're able to build your business brand and name recognition when you use your own domain and business name in your email. 

With Gmail for Business you don't have to fool around with POP3, SMTP, and all kinds of settings for your various computers and devices to set up your own domain for your business email. You simply set up your Gmail Business account through Google's online interface and you're good to go.

2. Add a Custom Email Signature

Here's one more way to build your brand and spread your marketing message. Within the Gmail settings or with the Wise Stamp App, You can add a logo image, social media icons, hyperlinks, or even promote special deals on all your email messages. Plus you can set up multiple signatures for various messages or promotions. 

3. Use One Email Account to Manage Multiple Accounts

With Gmail for Business, from one central email account, you can manage multiple email accounts , such as Sales, Customer Service. Personnel, etc. 

This increases your productivity or the productivity of the staff person who helps you mange your email.

4. Share Videos, Documents, Calendars, Contacts within Your Domain

Here's another way to boost the productivity and communication with your team and clients. When you use Gmail for Business (Google Mail), you have full and seamless integration with your other Google Apps, such as Docs, Calendars, Google +, Google Chat, and more. 

Now it's easy to collaborate, schedule meetings and events, keep your team updated, and respond quickly to customer requests.

5. Manage Your Inbox with Labels, Folders, and Filters

While Gmail for Business (Google Mail) has one of the best SPAM filters, with the use of Labels, Folders, and Filters you are able to efficiently and effectively customize how you sort email for your business. 

For example with these powerful tools, you're able to sort your incoming emails automatically into Projects, To-Do, Vendors, Clients etc. In addition, you can color code Labels, set Priorities, and of course, you have the power of Google Search to find any email you need when you need it.

6. Launch Chat, Video Chat, or Google Voice

Without leaving your email, you're able to open up a Chat to shoot off a quick text, do a video chat, or with Google Voice, make a phone call using Google Voice. 

With Gmail for Business, you have the convenience of one centralized place to communicate and provide impressive, real-time customer response and support. 

7. Create Canned Responses

You have the ability to quickly and automatically reply to common questions. This is a great way to save time and increase email productivity.

How to Get Gmail for Your Business

With Gmail for Business (Google Mail), you have a free 30 day trial. The cost for unlimited users is $5 per month per user, or $50 annually per user. 

In addition to the seven tips and benefits outlined above, with Gmail for Business (Google Mail), you get Google's guarantee of 99.9% uptime, 24/7 online tech support, tech support for Docs, and increased inbox storage. (from 10GB to 25GB per account)

For more details visit google.com/enterprise/apps/business.

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Real-time Novel Takes Google Docs to the Max

Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is pushing Google Docs to the max by writing her latest novel in Google Docs, and sharing that document publicly.

Google Docs does have limits on sharing but the limit applies to viewers, editors and commenters.   Fortunately for the writer this document is not open to 200 editors (the limit on Google Docs sharing.) A public Google Doc allows unlimited (Fact check?) viewers albeit with limited functionality.

This is a great example of how powerful Google Apps can be but if reading along to Silvia Hartman's steamy fantasy novel in Google Docsis not your thing, we have a pretty cool Google Docs Instant Demo you can check out with a friend or two.

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4 Core Benefits of Google Docs

Google Docs makes use of the cloud computing trend powered by Google. It is a low-cost package of products that enable you to create, edit, store and share files with other users online from remote locations and in real-time.

What Are The Benefits of Google Docs?

Google Docs has many uses for companies. Beyond storing information online, the products are fully interactive & collaborative by users. You are able to share individual data files and collections. There are four specific benefits.

1. Google Docs is Available For Many File Types

Basic Google Apps file types include:
  • Documents 
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Presentations 
  • Drawings 
  • Web Forms 
Additional file types are support through Google Drive add-on apps. With Google Drive you can view and open almost any file type including .doc, .xls, docx, .odt, .xlsx, ppt and others.

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Google Apps Script Hackathon in Austin - Can you do this?

Are you going to theGoogle Apps Script Hackathon up at the Google Austin Office off Mopac?  I know a lot of us at the Intern in Austin event were talking about a meetup there but scheduling conflicts are keeping me in South Austin today.  If you are heading up to Google today,  here's an Apps Script Idea I could really use some help on.

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Liz Lemon and TGS Go Google

Further proof that anyone and any company can Go Google:  Liz Lemon, TGS and 30 Rock have Gone Google.

The Go Google series of ads are great and do a great job of highlighting the collaborative nature of Google Apps.

Going Google is easy with Coolhead Tech.  We setup Google Apps Domains for free and can migrate all of your email to Gmail.  Go Google and Stay Local With Coolhead Tech Today.

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4 Secrets to getting an Internship in San Marcos

Karla and I had a great time at the Intern In Austin fair organized by @Campus2Careers and The Austin Business Journal last weekend up at the AT&T conference center on UT's campus.

Intern fairs are a lot of fun.   Between the new students and the new startup companies these intern fairs become awesome flash startup incubators full of the most innovative new students on campus.  As an employer at the fair, we came up with some tips for the upcomingIntern in San Marcos fair at Texas State University.

1.  Bring a business card, resume or other tangible Item
I didn't even think to have a signup list when I went to Intern in Austin last week until i saw that our tablemate, BrassOvaries  had made a colorful and inviting one.   I had spent the morning trying to get my "Cloud printer" to not only print but print double sided with the right side up.   The point is we're interviewing hundreds of awesome internship candidates in just a few hours.   If you don't bring something tangible for us to take home we will forget you.

2.  Make it Legible.
I admit I do not set a good example when it comes to handwriting or printing but how can I contact you if you write your email address like marks left in the sand by a gaggle of chickens.   The same goes for business cards - make sure Google Docs can read them.  We scan cards into Google Docs then rubber-band them with whatever event we've attended.   This way if I'm looking for a particular Texas State University student I can just search Texas State.

3.  If you really want to intern with a company or organization let them know.
As I was walking out of the AT&T conference Center I overheard a candidate talking on her cellphone.  "yeah, they were all great but the company I really want to work for is...."  I never heard the company name, but hope it was Coolhead Tech because she was one of my favorite candidates.  If you have a strong "First Choice" let them know just as you did when applying for College.

4. If You don't get an Internship call around.
The Austin - San Marcos business scene is pretty cool and this gets back to last point.  If you have an interest in interning with a company or organization let them know,  They may have missed the Intern fair for one reason or another.   Karla is a great example.  She only stopped by the Intern In Austin fair for a couple of hours because her affiliated organization, ALTA is hosting Hablo Teatro tonight with playwright Barbara Colio.   The play Cuerdos opens at The MACC this month.  Google around town to find an organization that fits then pick up the phone or write an email to introduce yourself appropriately.

The "Intern in .." fairs put on by Campus2Careersare great opportunities for students and area businesses.  Students can find great internships with local companies.  Small businesses, like Coolhead Tech get to meet the brightest new students and network with other local businesses.

If you're heading to Intern in San Marcos on Saturday, use these tips to make the best of your internship.  Don't forget to stop by Coolhead Tech's table - We've got a couple of great internship positions available.

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