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Blogs and Landing Pages: Small Business Inbound Marketing Strategy

What is inbound marketing?

Any Central Texas business seeking to establish itself online has to understand inbound marketing. One of the best things about working at Coolhead Tech is that I get to sit in on some of the great training available over at Hubspot Academy, where inbound marketing is a hot topic.

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The Zen Of Job Interview Success

Much of the available career transition rhetoric focuses upon how to create a powerful resume, develop a social media presence, get an interview, convince the hiring officials that you are “the one” and be savvy enough to outwit the competition. Yet, there’s so much more to creating a winning strategy that taps into our presence, personal empowerment, energy, and authenticity. Read More

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Get the Most from Your LinkedIn Company Page

Last week I wrote about 8 reasons why LinkedIn is a better social media platform to focus on for your small business. If you’ve been convinced to give LinkedIn priority in your social media strategy, you might be wondering what areas you should be focusing on. LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities to display information and interact with others, but which ones are best? How should you go about getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile? Read More

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Email Content: 10 Best Practices

“Well crafted email content is the key to email marketing success.” That may sound like an understatement but it is the absolute truth. According to Responsys, email marketing by the retail industry grew by 19% in 2012. The single biggest email marketing day came on Cyber Monday with 93% of retailers sending out a promotional email. Email marketing is no doubt flourishing for retail brands – Which brings up the subject of email content and best practices…  Read More.

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Shopify Turns Central Texas Businesses Into Online Retailers

Central Texas businesses can have a worldwide reach by having an online store.

Today's CoolHead Tech featured partner is Shopify, an ecommerce platform that allows businesses to create effective online stores. How effective? Shopify currently hosts more than 40,000 online retailers, including Gatorade, Amnesty International, General Electric, Tesla Motors, Foo Fighters, Encyclopedia Britannica and more.

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Automate Small Business Inventory With AirPOS

echnology has created smarter shoppers. And it takes a smarter business to keep up with them.

Does your business have inventory available in a real-world storefront and online? If so, you know managing inventory with the different points of sale can be a real headache.

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3 Business Startups and their 2013 New Years Resolutions

With a new year in full swing, Coolhead Tech recently reached out to three brand new businesses to learn what their resolutions for 2013 are.

Each of these businesses began last year and got off to a sucessful start. All three are based here in Texas. And all three say they will depend on technology—cloud-based and otherwise—to achieve their goals for the coming year.

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WaitApp Makes A Yummy App for Restaurant Waitlist Management, Reservations

Restaurant owners: Your table is ready.

There's an app that is revolutionizing wait list management and restaurant mobile marketing all at the same time.

If you are looking to get rid of your outdated, expensive restaurant pager system once and for all, today's Coolhead Tech featured small business app may be the answer.WaitApp helps you increase your walk-in business, fill lost tables, lower the number of no-shows and build profits.

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Find the Social Media Match for Your Business

Social media. It's a vital marketing tool for your company. Many companies may not understand the use of social media or how big of a presence it has become. According to eMarketers.com 90 percent of businesses utilize social media as one of their main marketing strategies.

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