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Liz Lemon and TGS Go Google

Further proof that anyone and any company can Go Google:  Liz Lemon, TGS and 30 Rock have Gone Google.

The Go Google series of ads are great and do a great job of highlighting the collaborative nature of Google Apps.

Going Google is easy with Coolhead Tech.  We setup Google Apps Domains for free and can migrate all of your email to Gmail.  Go Google and Stay Local With Coolhead Tech Today.

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4 Secrets to getting an Internship in San Marcos

Karla and I had a great time at the Intern In Austin fair organized by @Campus2Careers and The Austin Business Journal last weekend up at the AT&T conference center on UT's campus.

Intern fairs are a lot of fun.   Between the new students and the new startup companies these intern fairs become awesome flash startup incubators full of the most innovative new students on campus.  As an employer at the fair, we came up with some tips for the upcomingIntern in San Marcos fair at Texas State University.

1.  Bring a business card, resume or other tangible Item
I didn't even think to have a signup list when I went to Intern in Austin last week until i saw that our tablemate, BrassOvaries  had made a colorful and inviting one.   I had spent the morning trying to get my "Cloud printer" to not only print but print double sided with the right side up.   The point is we're interviewing hundreds of awesome internship candidates in just a few hours.   If you don't bring something tangible for us to take home we will forget you.

2.  Make it Legible.
I admit I do not set a good example when it comes to handwriting or printing but how can I contact you if you write your email address like marks left in the sand by a gaggle of chickens.   The same goes for business cards - make sure Google Docs can read them.  We scan cards into Google Docs then rubber-band them with whatever event we've attended.   This way if I'm looking for a particular Texas State University student I can just search Texas State.

3.  If you really want to intern with a company or organization let them know.
As I was walking out of the AT&T conference Center I overheard a candidate talking on her cellphone.  "yeah, they were all great but the company I really want to work for is...."  I never heard the company name, but hope it was Coolhead Tech because she was one of my favorite candidates.  If you have a strong "First Choice" let them know just as you did when applying for College.

4. If You don't get an Internship call around.
The Austin - San Marcos business scene is pretty cool and this gets back to last point.  If you have an interest in interning with a company or organization let them know,  They may have missed the Intern fair for one reason or another.   Karla is a great example.  She only stopped by the Intern In Austin fair for a couple of hours because her affiliated organization, ALTA is hosting Hablo Teatro tonight with playwright Barbara Colio.   The play Cuerdos opens at The MACC this month.  Google around town to find an organization that fits then pick up the phone or write an email to introduce yourself appropriately.

The "Intern in .." fairs put on by Campus2Careersare great opportunities for students and area businesses.  Students can find great internships with local companies.  Small businesses, like Coolhead Tech get to meet the brightest new students and network with other local businesses.

If you're heading to Intern in San Marcos on Saturday, use these tips to make the best of your internship.  Don't forget to stop by Coolhead Tech's table - We've got a couple of great internship positions available.

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Intern at Coolhead Tech & Become an Inbound Marketing Expert

Looks like Campus2Careers has a ton of great companies lined up for another awesome Intern In Austinevent today.   We're excited to be participating as one of Austin's local independent businesses. 

Our new partnership with Hubspot means our interns this year will not only learn how to market Google Apps in the SMB market but will get hands on experience with the most comprehensive inbound marketing app available.  Hubspot 3 was just unleashed at Inbound 2012 and it Rocks!

Intern at Coolhead Tech & Become and Inbound Marketing Expert

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9 Things You Learn as an Inbound Marketing Intern

We're pumped for the Campus2Careers Intern In Austin event on Sunday at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT campus.  Want to know what's in store for you as an Inbound Marketing Intern?  Here are 9 things you'll learn as an inbound marketing intern at Coolhead Tech.

  1. Goal Setting & Planning
    How to set realistic goals, create inbound marketing plans and how to get started.
  2. Landing Pages
    You’ll learn how to create landing pages that work like a dream, and then dazzle your newly converted leads with delightful thank pages that will leave them yearning for more.
  3. Calls to Action & Thank You Pages
    You’ll learn what makes a good CTA great, and how you can convert more website visitors into leads with just a few strategic changes.
  4. Keywords
    You’ll learn why keywords are important to any inbound marketing strategy, how to select keywords to go after, and we'll give you a thorough guided tour of the powerful HubSpot Keywords tool.
  5. Blogging
    We’ll teach you how you can create remarkable blog content that will work as a magnet to attract visitors through search engines, inbound links, and social media shares.
  6. Email Marketing
    How email best practices have evolved in 2012, dealing with multiple subscriptions, and how to design and manage visually pleasing and effective email templates.
  7. Social Media
    Learn the principles to apply when getting a business started on social media and how to use social media effectively for business.
  8. Page Performance
    Setup web pages for success, and how the HubSpot Pages tool can guide you through the process of following them.
  9. Sources & Competitors
    We’ll show you how to analyze how much traffic, leads and customers you generated, and how to benchmark against the competition.

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Happy Birthday to Chrome: 4 Ways to Celebrate Google Chrome's 4 Year Anniversary

Google's Chrome has come a long way in just 4 years - it recently surpassed Internet Explorer to become the most popular browser and is now available on so many platforms and devices we wonder how we ever did without.  

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Google Apps for Business Sales Webinar Today at 11:30 CST

Interested in Google's Enterprise Sales Process?  Google Apps is holding a Free webinar today that covers the Enterprise Sales Process and Google Apps Objection Handling.   

Attend two webinars for Google Apps Sales Specialists and selling with Google and you will receive a voucher to take the exam at no charge (USD $100 value). The voucher will be valid until October 31, 2012.

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Woolworths staff equipped with iPads, Google Apps

If you remember the Woolworth name, it's hard to imagine one of the old 5 cent stores in the US using iPads and Google Apps.   Interestingly this article discusses Woolworths in Australia, which took the name from the famous US chain.  It's a fun read when you picture the old stores.

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