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Advice From the Small Business Summit 2012 : Cloud Computing and Email Marketing

This year’s Small Business Summit 2012 had a good line-up of speakers from well known companies such as USA Today, Dell, Constant Contact and TripIT. There were many presentations which conveyed key pearls of wisdom to small businesses regarding cloud-based business apps as well as how to manage and promote a small business in today’s “Web 2.0″ world.

In Part One of a Two-Part series, Michelle Nachum shares some good advice about cloud-computing and email marketing from various speakers includ Small business guru, author and reporter for USA Today, Rhonda Abrams.

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SMBs Becoming Increasingly Reliant On Tablets, 4G Devices And Other Mobile Technologies

A recent 2012 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll revealed that 96% of small businesses use wireless technologies and approximately two out of three (63%) would be severely crippled without the use of wireless technology in their operations. Via Gaebler.

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CloudLock Introduces the Next Generation in Enterprise-Class Security for Google Apps at RSA Security Conference

CloudLock, the only company that delivers enterprise-grade cloud data security solutions for organizations using Google Apps, today announced several key additions to the CloudLock Security Suite as part of a continued commitment to helping enterprises extend their data security to the cloud. With these solutions, companies can take advantage of market trends, including the consumerization of IT, and new collaboration tools like Google+ without sacrificing security, compliance, regulatory, audit or governance requirements.

CloudLock's latest developments include:

-- CloudLock Security for Google+ - Gives organizations the ability to understand how employees are using Google's newest social media service. With CloudLock for Google+, enterprises that traditionally may not have been able to leverage social networks for legal and security reasons will now be able to take advantage of a social collaboration tool that will comply with usage policies.

-- CloudLock Security Policy Engine - Provides companies with the framework necessary to define and automate data security policies to ensure that collaboration practices are monitored and remain compliant. With the addition of content-aware policies, customers will now be able to set policies to alert and take action on content that is in violation of regulations, contains personally identifiable information, IP, objectionable content, or breaks internal governance practices.

-- Safe Harbor Compliance - CloudLock customers include Fortune 1000 companies with worldwide operations as well as large EU-based corporations. The safe harbor certification provides a number of important benefits to U.S. and EU firms. Namely, predictability and continuity of security and data privacy requirements for U.S. and EU companies that are sending and receiving personal information from Europe.

-- g-Cloud Acceptance - CloudLock continues to demonstrate its commitment to help with cloud adoption for enterprises and highly regulated organizations and recently has been accepted into the UK g-Cloud framework. g-Cloud is the UK public sector's national procurement portal. It provides savings for Government and the UK public sector as a whole, and specifically to deliver centralized procurement of common goods and services for Central Government Departments. CloudLock can be found in the software-as-a-service lot.

"Organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of balancing the need for business agility with the requirements of security and regulatory compliance. Moving data to the cloud has clear cost savings, collaboration, and access benefits, and with our continued investment in our content-aware cloud security suite, customers are able to achieve far greater security for their data in Google Apps than with their on-premise data," said Gil Zimmermann, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudLock.

A recent CloudLock analysis of anonymous customer data showed that enterprises using Google Apps see a 4x growth rate in the number of Google Docs and Sites, while mid-sized companies experience a 10X growth per year [see infographic]. This explosive growth in data created in the cloud and its security implications have garnered the attention and research of leading analysts.

"When you combine the growth of public cloud services with another trend Gartner has identified (consumerization), security challenges are multiplied," said John Pescatore, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research. "An increasingly common scenario will be high-value employees accessing critical business and customer information stored in the cloud from employee-owned PCs or smartphones. Gartner believes that delivering security as a cloud-based service will be a key component of how many enterprises will enable this scenario, while achieving a balance of security and manageability."


Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., CloudLock helps enterprises extend their data security to the cloud. CloudLock's suite of security applications give businesses the controls and visibility they need to take advantage of the collaboration benefits of Google Apps without sacrificing security. The largest Google Apps customers in the world trust CloudLock to secure their data. For more information about the company or reseller opportunities call (781) 996-4332 or visit http://www.cloudlock.com .

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YES, Small, Tech-Savvy Firms are Top U.S. Job Creators

In Reply to Wall Street Journal Article: Are Small, Tech-Savvy Firms Top U.S. Job Creators?

Small businesses that heavily use technology, from back-end software to social-media websites, are highly successful job 
creators, according to a research report released Wednesday from the Technology CEO Council.

The findings, culled from a variety of third-party studies on entrepreneurship, point to robust job growth at small tech-savvy enterprises.

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Cheap technology helps small business grow big

This BBC Viewpoint discusses how small business benefits from Cloud technology.

Typically there is a perception that large organisations are able to invest in more advanced technological solutions which are out of reach of smaller companies, preventing them from competing on a level playing field. However, businesses will experience significant change in their industry sectors in the future, due to the impacts of technology.
The change is largely attributed to an increase of low-cost computing power, storage and bandwidth available via the 'cloud'

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Small Business Gets Big Business Benefits from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are changing the face of modern businesses. Many small business owners have already taken the plunge and embraced the technology. In doing so, they are reaping rewards and benefits that are normally the preserve of large corporations. Read More on Small Business Cloud at Entrepreneur Resources.

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7 Ways to Drive Local Traffic to Your Website

  • March 10, 2012

There are lots of ways to drive local traffic to your website. Your best effort is always in product and customer service but Business News Daily offers 7 additional ways you can drive traffic to your local business. One of our favorite ways is to help get Austin businesses listed in local directories. 

Twenty years ago, small businesses wouldn't be caught dead without an ad in the phone book. The same can be said for today's local online directories like Yahoo! Local, Google Maps, SuperPages, DexKnows and Yelp. According to Black Box Social Media, more than 92 percent of businesses and consumers use online local search directories when researching products or services – making them the place to be for small businesses in 2012. Directories offer small business websites a way to boost credibility and build link popularity; the small business' site can be linked to another site that already has a high page rank. Read 7 Ways to Drive Local Traffic to Your Website at Business News Daily.

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10 Google Tricks for Taking Your Local Business Digital

Consumers' increased reliance on social media and online research to make purchasing decisions is helping drive the value of using Google to promote small companies. Yet, many companies still don't even have a website. In fact, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of businesses do not yet have a website, Frederick Vallaeys, Google's AdWords evangelist, told BusinessNewsDaily in this recent article.

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Backing Up Your Cloud

This Computerworld diary of life on the cloud discusses the importance of cloud backup and backing up facebook, twitter and other social networks. While Backup is more important in a desktop environment cloud backup should not be overlooked. Backupify is a cloud-based backup service that automates the process of backing up my online identities. It offers a variety of social media backup plans that can store all of your data from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Zoho, Picasa, LinkedIn, and more.

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