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How to Start an Online Business: A Quick-Step Guide, Australian Style

If you’ve been thinking about getting an online retail store up and running, Director of Annex Products in Australia, Rob Ward, shares his experiences of getting online, and offers some tips to help you get started. Rob discusses some of our favorite products like Shopify and Google analytics. Read the full article at Power Retailer

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A Great Review of Google Places From Tire Review

Google Places is like our old reliable Yellow Pages, but instead of searching through a big phone/address book to find a business, people go online and search on Google. Google then lists all the places near to where that person is. The difference here is that a Google Places page provides customers with more information, such as hours of operation, payment methods, offers and reviews, and actively works to land for you real “then and now” customers. From Tire Review.

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Nimble 2.0 Builds On Social CRM Vision

Nimble provides a centralized, software-as-a-service application for managing contacts and communications across multiple social networks and email, with consolidated contact profiles that show all of an individual's online identities and recent communications. The vision articulated by Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, who was a co-founder of Goldmine in an earlier wave of salesforce automation technology innovation, is to make it easier for users to see the entire network of contacts they have established, even though they are scattered across many websites and applications. Via The Brainyard at Information Week.

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Study: SMBs Embracing Business Apps Through Cloud Services

A study of 400 SMBs using cloud business applications said the cloud model has helped them reduce costs, improve cash flow and increase employee productivity.

A high percentage of SMBs, 87 percent, said the ability to use business applications has given them a competitive advantage. The Full story by Jack McCarthy, CRN.

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Keep Track of Your Billable Hours and Other Useful Business Apps

Blair Miller over at Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Patch has a great monthly column exploring computer issues, new products and technical advice. In the past she's discussed small business apps for the ipad. This month she covers how a business can keep track of billable hours and expenses, other project management tools and the white hot pinterest social network. Check out AOL's Patch Network for Tech411 other local business perspectives.

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Small Businesses Find Solutions in the Cloud.

The buzz about cloud computing turned into a loud roar in 2011. But despite the hype, the cloud remains a mystery to many small business owners who are busy with the day-to-day operations of their company, and not scouring the web for the latest technology news. Nevada's Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET)

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Business Cloud Consulting Is Consolidating

This NY Times article is about the merger of a Google Apps Reseller and Salesforce Reseller.   
Cloud-based business software has come of age: the consultants are consolidating, investors are placing bigger bets, and the online giants are aiding their smaller allies.  New York Times Technology.

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Austin company uses military-like precision to get message out during SXSW Interactive

SXSW interactive in Austin begins today. We're encouraged by the number of Start-ups here this year and their goal of economic success not just economic survival and recovery. 

"For the hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses trying to accomplish something at South by Southwest Interactive this week, the challenge will be getting heard above the din."

Read more about Sam Decker and Mass Relevance's plans to make their start-up standout at SXSW this year.

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Google Apps Demographics [ Infographic ]

Coolhead Tech partner Backupify surveyed 8,000 Google Apps domains, representing 500,000 total Google Apps users. Based on that survey they published an infographic on the size and industry distribution for The Google Apps ecosystem.

Backupify protects your data in cloud applications, Keep a secure second copy of your important business data that you can restore in minutes.

The infographic on Google Apps is published at Nerd Graphics.

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