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4 Reasons to attend Professional Apps Admin Courses

Coolhead Tech and other local tech professionals are getting together this summer and expanding skills and knowledge in 8 Google Apps topic areas focusing on users, groups, organizations, calendar, email, services, mobile, and security. We're offering this technical course specifically for Apps Admins that have responsibility for a Google Apps domain with a minimum of 50 users.

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Summer of Apps Admins - FAQs for Students

Now in its third year, The Apps Admin Summer Program provides local students and businesses an opportunity to grow by doing more with Google Apps and other Cloud technologies.   For area college students and technology professionals there are twice weekly classes to prepare for the Google Apps Certified Administrator Exam.  All students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience interning for Coolhead Tech and area businesses and organizations using Google Apps.   Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from students.

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The Importance of Certification in the Cloud

It has been over 20 years since Microsoft introduced their first IT Certifications. Since then, certifications have become a key element for businesses to identify industry specific capabilities within IT. In recent years businesses are moving in a new direction, towards the cloud. New technologies have spawned new certifications across different systems and technologies. Businesses and IT professionals need to prepare for the future.

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Business App of the Week: Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Google Apps has provided new and innovative ways for businesses to get their productivity tasks done, all from within the cloud. When many of us think of the cloud we think of secured data with built in redundancy. Although google does offer these kind of features, they’re not immediately imbedded in to the basic Google Apps package. If you want full data backups and redundancy available you’re going to have to invest in an additional product to get it. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there, and the cost is just a fraction of what you would spend on similar technologies outside of the cloud.

Today we’re going to talk about the features and benefits of one of our favorite apps for business in the Google Apps Marketplace. That app is Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

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Rise of the Apps Admins - Summer 2014

Wrapping up our first year of internship at Coolhead, we have some time for reflection while we turn to the future and the exciting opportunities that await. Over the past year we’ve had the pleasure of working with a team of six interns from universities right here in Texas. Those schools included UT, ACC, and Texas State University.

After seeing massive interest at the Campus 2 Careers fair in Austin and then watching our interns develop over the past year, there are two things that are obvious. Firstly, there’s a serious abundance of highly motivated and intelligent students out there, and secondly, this year we’re really going to see the importance of cloud services along with the rise of the Google Apps Admins.

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Here Come the Apps Admins

Coolhead Tech, a local Google Apps management and consulting company, will be providing a professional training program that will result in the Google Apps certification of 20 admins by August 2014.

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Austin's Wizard of Apps - Brian Gray

One of the things that we love about working here at Coolhead, is all of the stand out people we get to meet.  We're really exicted to have met Brian Gray, Technology Director at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in West Austin.   Even more exciting is that Brian will be teaching this summer's Google Apps Certified Administrator course.

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A Solution to Swapping Primary Domains in Google Apps

Highly successful Google Apps pilot programs often face a very common issue of needing to swap a primary domain in Google Apps.  A Google Apps test domain is set up and the test group's usage organically grows to the point that the entire company is already using Gmail by forwarding as well as Drive and Calendar.   But you can't swap a Primary and Secondary domain in Google Apps.  It just can't be done.  We have an easy solution which just may be right for your company.

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Known Issues: Google Apps Admin Panel

If you’re a Google Apps administrator, staying on top of bugs and known issues is an important part of your role. As with any cloud based service that’s in a constant state of development, Google Apps has its share of known issues. Thankfully, Google is highly responsive to issues identified, presenting viable workarounds and eventually fixes in later updates.

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