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Does Retail's Answer to Affordable Digital Signage fit in the palm of your hand?


The most powerful tool of a small to midsize business looking to compete in an oversaturated marketplace might just be one that fits in the palm of your hand. Of all the chrome devices on the market, the Chromebit by ASUS represents the most potent piece of technology in a smaller-sized business's arsenal. 

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How to Factory Reset a Chromebook

Google Calls it "Powerwashing a chromebook"  but this procedure will allow you to remove all settings, restrictions and enterprise security from a chromebook.  This will factory reset your chromebook.

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Benefits of Tablets & Chromebooks for Education

Schools throughout the country are reaping many benefits from the introduction of Android tablets and Chromebooks in place of conventional laptops and other tablets. According to information released by the market research firm IDC, sales of Chromebooks to schools and other educational institutions have reached the point where they dominate new educational sales.

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5 Benefits of Chromebooks in Education

Bringing technology into the classroom is the best way to provide a 21st century learning milieu. Chromebooks are increasingly being incorporated into schools because they boost students’ capabilities of learning anytime, and anywhere. Online access in classrooms significantly broadens the scope of any learning exercise, triggering information pursuit, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration. Classroom environments can be tailored more for subject matter interest, skill level, skill reinforcement, or remediation efforts on a personal basis. Following are five benefits of Chromebooks in education.

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Get Ready for Summer: Semester 2 Device Pilot Guide

Google Chromebook and Tablet Pilot Guide for EDU This guide was developed with the help of environments who have used chromebooks for education in their schools. Remember, these are plainly just suggestions on how to develop your plan and not a repressive one-size-fits-all system. To learn more, try speaking with your technology vendor or partner or other surrounding districts who have made Google devices a part of their learning structures!

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5 Ways to Manage Your Organization's Chrome Devices

By using Chrome devices for your business you gain computers that are user friendly, easy to manage, and less prone to the viruses and other disadvantages you commonly encounter with traditional computers. One of the Chrome platform's key strengths is its Chrome Management Console allowing you to make modifications to and manage your Chrome devices from a single control panel. Here are five different ways the Chrome Management Console helps you manage your company devices.

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Introducing The K-12 Guide to Grants for Chromebooks & Tablets

Don't let budget stop you from bringing brilliant technology and new learning tools into the classroom. Below, we're sharing a guide to walk you through the process of finding, applying for, and securing funding for Chromebooks and tablets.

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Huntsville ISD uses Texas State Grant to fund Educational use of Chromebooks

Reading, writing, arithmetic--and little rectangle computers that pack a powerfully educational punch.

For three years, educators in Huntsville, Texas, have been using Google Chromebooks to make teaching easier and help students improve everything from reading comprehension to calculus.

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Arlington Independent School District Increases student access to technology with Google Chromebooks

Any time an organization takes on an innovation the leaders worry about a successful implementation. Although every initiative will present its own problems, it helps when you can see how another school district carried out the changes involved in introducing Google Apps and Chromebooks for education to their stakeholders.

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