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See how you can boost productivity with RingCentral for Google. [Demo on Demand]


The primary goal of all aspects of RingCentral for Google is to implement RingCentral/cloud PBX communication features directly into the web apps offered by Google Apps. In this post, we'll discuss the most major implementations in three different Google Apps, as well as a link to a live demonstration that goes into more detail.

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Full-featured phone system Add-on for Google Apps [Case Study]


Here on Coolhead Tech, we talk a lot about the power of Google Apps, RingCentral and other business apps. Today we're going to take a little break from simply describing perks today, however, and instead discuss a real-life case study. We've covered RingCentral for Google extensively recently, but now we're going to talk about how that effected Lindamood-Bell, a midmarket company based in California.

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Our 4 Favorite RingCentral Integrations


On its website, RingCentral touts itself as a complete communications system. There is no doubt that it has plenty of cloud-based phone services to offer businesses, and one of its best features is its integration capabilities. Whether your business or department prefers Ringcentral for Google Apps, Office 365, Zendesk or custom integration, introducing RingCentral is easy. It basically consists of plugging your phones and PCs into an Internet connection and setting up the RingCentral app on employee’s smartphones. An account representative helps you figure out logistics such as how many IP phones are needed. So, here is a look at our top four RingCentral business app integrations.

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RingCentral Meetings Vs. Webex Meetings


Online meetings,  a staple in how we work today.  Now in HD!   Earlier this month we compared RingCentral's free/included online meeting software to GotoMeeting.   Today it's Cisco's Webex Premium 25 versus Ringcentral Meetings.   

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Traditional On-Premise PBX Systems Vs RingCentral



For many decades, the corporate phone standard has been on-premise Private Branch Exchance, or “PBX.”     PBX systems gave companies the ability to reduce the number of individual phone lines on premises by using extensions.   Although larger businesses may have been cautious to adopt this new technology, the benefits and cost savings of a Voice over IP (VOIP) cloud-based PBX are significant.  

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What's Glip and should your work team care?


Imagine sitting in your office, attempting to have a productive day. There are things to do and many different tools needed to do them: Email, video chat, calendars, one-on-one information sharing, managing the blog, among just a few (hundred) others. Face it, it's not nearly as fun to have a million apps and browser tabs open. Fortunately for everyone, there are products out there to simply it all. One in particular is setting a new standard for corporate organization.

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RingCentral Meetings Vs. GotoMeeting


Not too long ago, the world of video conferencing seemed to have evolved as much as it ever would. That was before the cloud disrupted telepresence systems. These days, platforms and providers offer video conferencing solutions replete with so many bells and whistles that they mimic everything a real world boardroom can offer, from document exchange to high definition visuals. Voice over IP (VoIP) service companies like RingCentral bundle a conference call line and online meeting software.  The online meeting software has earned excellent reviews so we put the free add-on up against GotoMeeting.

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3 Reasons Why You should Add Ringcentral for Google


When running a business, the one thing people will do on a daily basis is communicate with others. Making calls, sending emails, texting and even video chatting are the common ways people get in contact with one another if they are not having an in-person conversation. This requires a secure, reliable communication system, but the truth is, this isn't something that you may be able to say your company has just yet. This is probably because you haven't taken advantage of cloud communication or any of the many available business apps.

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4 More New Features from RingCentral in May.

RingCentral is a prominent cloud PBX service that we cover a lot here on Coolhead Tech.    RingCentral the company offers digital phone services to businesses all around the globe.   They're an early leader in this field, and have been present since 2003. Today, we'll be discussing the best new features released to RingCentral users this month, and how you might use them.

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