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RingCentral Introduces Admin Roles; Here's How to Get Started.


As an IT Director taking charge of a new cloud PBX system, you already know that your life has changed for the better.   As a RingCentral Super Admin, there are four key things you'll need to know how to do to delegate access to various PBX services.    In this article, we'll list those things, and let you know how you can do them all with Admin Roles in RingCentral.

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4 Reasons to Give Up on Your Old PBX Phone System This Summer.


Every thriving company needs decision makers with a keen eye for innovations in communications technology and the wherewithal to know when to give up on a dying technology. 

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5 Ways RingCentral's Contact Center App makes your Call Center Software Obsolete.

If you have an active call center and a solution that's more than 4 years old, it's time to upgrade to a cloud based solution that's significantly more powerful and provides signficant cost savings.

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4 key advantages to a Cloud based PBX

Here at Coolhead Tech, we often write about the benefits behind adopting cloud PBX systems, especially in comparison the pricier, more traditional PBX. Instead of just telling you that cloud PBX is better without telling you why, however, we'll use this article to give you an overview of the main four advantages in using a cloud PBX system, as opposed to pretty much anything else.

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SMB Insurance Provider sees Huge Improvement in Phone Reliability and Features with Cloud PBX

We often speak positively of one of our partners for VoIP solutions, RingCentral. RingCentral is a business that offers cloud-based phone services (ie, cloud PBX instead of traditional, on-site PBX) with a far greater featureset than on-site PBX and a significantly smaller price, at that. RingCentral is usually praised for its high-end enterprise features and easily customizable web interface, allowing IT managers and business owners to more easily use the software.

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Comparing Vonage Phones vs RingCentral for Google

Vonage Business Phones and RingCentral for Google represent two of the most popular VoIP service options out there for business phone systems that operate on the Cloud. Virtual business phones have become increasingly popular as more and more communication and data storage apps head to the Cloud for increased accessibility, efficiency, and cost-savings, just to name a few common advantages. 

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3 Ways RingCentral extends Google Apps

More than five million businesses have already discovered the power of Google Apps. Professional email, mobility and strong security make Google apps a clear choice. Now, thanks to a partnership with RingCentral, the power surges into a cloud communications system with dramatically increased functionality. RingCentral adds communications capabilities to your already favorite applications.

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A Guide to Assessing the Network Benefits and Requirements of Cloud PBX

It's pretty much a statement of fact at this point that using a cloud phone service over a legacy, on-premise PBX solution is a better solution, both for the features offered and for the price they come at. However, what are the actual benefits behind Cloud PBX, and what are the requirements? Before you start looking into a cloud phone solution over what you're already using, read up.

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Cloud PBX Systems Prove Substantial Savings for Mid-Size Enterprises.

In 2014, RingCentral commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and determine the potential return on investment (ROI) offered by deploying RingCentral's services in a company.

In order to do this, Forrester consulted four different businesses that were using RingCentral to replace their old PBX systems. From these four interviews, Forrester created a composite organization of 600 employees from the ones interviewed.

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