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ALTA Stages Smoother Productions in Austin with Google Apps

ALTA (Austin Latino Theater Alliance) is a collaboration of artists and community volunteers uniting the Latino and Hispanic theater groups of Austin, Texas.

ALTA's projects include the traditional community production of the nativity play La Pastorela, as well as various artistic and cultural endeavors. In the spirit of a bilingual and bicultural society, the group produces programs in English and Spanish. ALTA calls this espíritu de comunidad "Universal Theater," and it is rooted in human relationships and nurtured by new ideas and new participants. ALTA believes that theater is a cultural force with the capacity to transform lives and society itself.

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Green Earth Auto drives eco-friendly Business with Google Calendar

Green Earth Automotive owner J.D. Longnion has more than 20 years of experience as an automotive specialist. 

J.D. started Auto Maintenance Man at the age of 27 and his business grew as Austin grew. And just like Austin, the business became increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Clearly, a "green" alternative for oil changes was needed.

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Inxero Boosts Local Startups with Google Docs, Gmail.

Anand Raj has always been a big believer in local business. Raj, who has been doing business in Austin since 2002, says Central Texas is a great environment for tech incubators working in a B2B environment. His company, InXero, is a member of The Austin Technology Incubator, which builds companies from early stage to profitability. This includes building management teams, forging partnerships and securing funding.

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