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6 Security & Compliance features in Google Apps

As a pioneer of cloud computing services, Google understands the importance of security when the cloud is used for business applications. Google has devoted an enormous amount of effort to enhancing and building upon the security features of Google Apps when used in the Google for Work model so that they can be trusted by business owners for the storage of company information. 

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9 Myths and the Truth about Wi-Fi in K-12 Education [ Wi-Fi Myths 1-3]

Understanding the truth behind the first 3 myths of WiFi in K-12 education will not only save your school money but will improve overall network performance. In this article, we'll be dispelling the myths that you need to pay for expensive infrastructure upgrades or are required to mount one Wi-Fi Access point per classroom.

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Change Management Guide for Schools Considering Going Apps for Education

You may have heard the story about the young husband watching his wife make a pot roast. As he's watching, she chops off the ends and throws them in the trash. He asks why, and she says, "That's the way my mother always did it."

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4 Things to Consider Before Deploying Google Apps on a Large Network

Dealing with a Google Apps deployment can be very challenging, but dealing with a large Google Apps deployment can be even worse, especially in environments like a school.

Among the best practices in networking is included this little thing called "network evaluation", and you will need to thoroughly evaluate your current network before building a new one or building upon it.

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9 Myths and the Truth about Wifi in K-12 Education [Part 1 of 5]

Wi-Fi is one of the most popular forms of Internet connectivity, but in consumer, business and education arenas alike, there remains a multitude of myths about Wi-Fi's performance that leads to less and poorer adoption among people who would benefit from a strong Wi-Fi centered network.

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Introducing Google's new Data Loss Prevention Features for Gmail

Just as computers revolutionized the way we do business, cloud computing has revolutionized the way we use computers. Tremendous amounts of data move at incredible speeds between users to accommodate collaboration around the globe, instantaneous financial transactions and centralized health information. As communications have grown faster than ever before, the risks to ultra-sensitive data grow as well. Sensitive to legitimate concerns, Google has risen to the challenge of safeguarding communication with Google DLP (Data Loss Prevention), a powerful new tool for Google Apps Administrators to increase the security of their domains.

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The 2015 Google for Work Holiday Lockdown Guide

Before you leave the office for a holiday vacation take these 6 practical steps to secure your Google Apps account , messages and files: Change passwords, Check device passcode settings, Take the new Google Apps security walk through, shutdown the office network. While on Vacation and away, be alert to fake "phishing" scams related to work.

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Google Apps Sync For Microsoft Outlook

Those who use Microsoft Outlook can conveniently access their Outlook email when using Google Apps with the Google Apps Sync plug-in. This plug-in works with many different Outlook versions, including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013.


Gmail users who are more familiar with the Outlook interface than the Gmail interface can use Google Apps Sync to access their Gmail account via the Outlook interface. 

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4 Ways Manufacturers are benefiting from Google for Work

Manufacturers may find significant improvements in their bottom line if they look into the advantages of Google for manufacturing. If you're looking for a cost effective suite of programs that offers the following four advantages for manufacturers like you, consider adopting Google for Work Apps at your company:

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