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HP planning more 'business-oriented' cloud services

HP wants to include more business-focused features on a platform filled with more third-party apps and services. HP also plans to entice at least developers over to the platform with support and tools for the most common software languages (i.e. Ruby and Java, etc.). More Details at ZDNet.

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Advice From the Small Business Summit 2012 : Cloud Computing and Email Marketing

This year’s Small Business Summit 2012 had a good line-up of speakers from well known companies such as USA Today, Dell, Constant Contact and TripIT. There were many presentations which conveyed key pearls of wisdom to small businesses regarding cloud-based business apps as well as how to manage and promote a small business in today’s “Web 2.0″ world.

In Part One of a Two-Part series, Michelle Nachum shares some good advice about cloud-computing and email marketing from various speakers includ Small business guru, author and reporter for USA Today, Rhonda Abrams.

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SMBs Becoming Increasingly Reliant On Tablets, 4G Devices And Other Mobile Technologies

A recent 2012 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll revealed that 96% of small businesses use wireless technologies and approximately two out of three (63%) would be severely crippled without the use of wireless technology in their operations. Via Gaebler.

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YES, Small, Tech-Savvy Firms are Top U.S. Job Creators

In Reply to Wall Street Journal Article: Are Small, Tech-Savvy Firms Top U.S. Job Creators?

Small businesses that heavily use technology, from back-end software to social-media websites, are highly successful job 
creators, according to a research report released Wednesday from the Technology CEO Council.

The findings, culled from a variety of third-party studies on entrepreneurship, point to robust job growth at small tech-savvy enterprises.

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Small Business Gets Big Business Benefits from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are changing the face of modern businesses. Many small business owners have already taken the plunge and embraced the technology. In doing so, they are reaping rewards and benefits that are normally the preserve of large corporations. Read More on Small Business Cloud at Entrepreneur Resources.

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10 Google Tricks for Taking Your Local Business Digital

Consumers' increased reliance on social media and online research to make purchasing decisions is helping drive the value of using Google to promote small companies. Yet, many companies still don't even have a website. In fact, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of businesses do not yet have a website, Frederick Vallaeys, Google's AdWords evangelist, told BusinessNewsDaily in this recent article.

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Backing Up Your Cloud

This Computerworld diary of life on the cloud discusses the importance of cloud backup and backing up facebook, twitter and other social networks. While Backup is more important in a desktop environment cloud backup should not be overlooked. Backupify is a cloud-based backup service that automates the process of backing up my online identities. It offers a variety of social media backup plans that can store all of your data from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Zoho, Picasa, LinkedIn, and more.

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How to Start an Online Business: A Quick-Step Guide, Australian Style

If you’ve been thinking about getting an online retail store up and running, Director of Annex Products in Australia, Rob Ward, shares his experiences of getting online, and offers some tips to help you get started. Rob discusses some of our favorite products like Shopify and Google analytics. Read the full article at Power Retailer

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A Great Review of Google Places From Tire Review

Google Places is like our old reliable Yellow Pages, but instead of searching through a big phone/address book to find a business, people go online and search on Google. Google then lists all the places near to where that person is. The difference here is that a Google Places page provides customers with more information, such as hours of operation, payment methods, offers and reviews, and actively works to land for you real “then and now” customers. From Tire Review.

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