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Woolworths staff equipped with iPads, Google Apps

Written by Christopher Alghini (Google Cloud Consultant) | August 31, 2012
If you remember the Woolworth name, it's hard to imagine one of the old 5 cent stores in the US using iPads and Google Apps.   Interestingly this article discusses Woolworths in Australia, which took the name from the famous US chain.  It's a fun read when you picture the old stores.

“The mobility has been further bolstered with the collaborative power of Google Apps for Business, as each Woolworths Manager now has a Gmail account."

Woolworths has even integrated a Google App Engine App.  The App better connects retail locations with HQ and allows for centralized maintenance requests and communication.

One more interesting fact I learned about the old Woolworths in the US.  They're now Footlocker.

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