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Coolhead Tech provides RingCentral Certified Apps Admins for Cloud PBX and Business Phone Systems.

Seamlessly upgrade your old phone system to Ringcentral's cloud PBX with planning and consulting from RingCentral certified communications experts.
Keep your business phone numbers and switch to Ringcentral today.


RingCentral Provides All of the Benefits of Unified Communications in the Cloud.


Cloud PBX

RingCentral replaces that old PBX in the closet with a cloud based PBX that can connect to Google Apps, Office 365, Dropbox and other cloud based business apps.


BYOD Mobile Office

RingCentral's mobile app runs on iphone and android.  Make and receive business calls, texts and faxes from phones, tablets and chromebooks.


Extensibility by Integration

Ringcentral's cloud framework allows for unlimited extensibility through a powerful Application Programming Interface.  

Leading Companies use the RingCentral Business Phone System

Don't let your old phone system hold back your business growth.  Cloud PBX and Internet Phones are transforming business communications.   Join leading companies in choosing Coolhead and Ringcentral for your new business phone system.


Business Communication Anywhere

Mobile Workforce

Tom Ball and Danny Peoples have been providing employee benefits & financial strategies in Austin for over 37 Years.  With RingCentral and Coolhead the team is able to serve the ever growing Austin business community.

Rapid Innovation

Google for Work Integration

Austin's leading custom home builder stays a step ahead of the competition through innovation. Using Ringcentral's Google for Work integration and an Apps Admin from CHT, Gossett Jones can focus on building exceptional communities in Austin.

Easily Connect Remote Offices

Cloud based Scalability

With a RingCentral cloud phone system, Jackson Hewitt franchises plug desk phones into the network or install the RingCentral Mobile App on employee smartphones or tablets and they're ready to serve their client's tax needs.   It’s that simple — for all office locations across the country.

Key Benefits of RingCentral Unified Communications in Google Apps

If your business is having issues keeping personal phones, numbers, devices and business communication separate, use Ringcentral for Google Apps to benefit your employees and your business.

  • Connect VOIP Desk Phones Anywhere
  • Add Remote Offices with ease
  • Low Flat fee monthly rates
  • Conference Call with up to 1000 participants
  • Integrate with Gmail, Drive & Docs
  • Mobile App for iPhone & Android
  • Screensharing & Video Meetings
  • Enterprise Redudancy & Security

Ringcentral News and Blog Perspectives

Coolhead Tech's Cool for Work Blog provides the latest news, tips, tricks, insight and case studies on Ringcentral apps and products.

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Ringcentral Makes Working from Home Work

RingCentral Office transforms a computer and a phone into a complete cloud communication system, capable of delivering far more than these basic devices could ever accomplish alone. 


Here's How to Set up Multi Level IVR in RingCentral

RingCentral Office has an awesome visual IVR design tool to help you set up a professional calling tree in no time. Interactive voice response (IVR) allows your callers to use voice and touchtones to get to the right department or extension.

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Shrinking IT Budgets while Expanding Services

RingCentral leverages cloud-based PBX services without a lot of expensive equipment simply and economically, to bring your business into the 21st Century.

What Ringcentral Certified Apps Admins Provide

If your users live in Gmail, Drive and other Google Apps, RingCentral for Google offers an assortment of tools to save time and increase productivity.

Coolhead Tech provides flat rate Apps Administration and management services for Ringcentral.  Apps Admins provide management, integration and administration of Ringcentral Apps, devices and users.

Ringcentral Certified Professionals

Ringcentral certified Administrators are Apps Admins with specific specialization and certification in telephony and VOIP technologies.

Integration with Google for Work.

Increase Google Hangouts™ attendance from 15 to 1,000 with RingCentral Conferencing or fax directly from Google Drive™ and Google Docs™ using Ringcentral's fax capabilities.

Outstanding 24/7 Support

Proactive management allows for a response from a Ringcentral certified apps admin within 30 minutes.

User Friendly

Apps Admins are focused on business transformation and can help lead change and organizational innovation.

Custom Development

Leverage Ringcentral's powerful API to integrate with Google for Work, Hubspot and other leading business apps.

Free Info

Apps Admins are your go-to source for information on the latest Ringcentral updates, features and news.

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