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Rocking the G Suite for Cloud Next 2019: The Latest from Google Cloud

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Regarded by some to be the biggest cloud event of the year, Google Cloud Next is a must-have mark on your calendar. This year, it's right around the corner, set for the 9th to the 11th of April live from the Moscone Center of San Francisco and around the world.   #CloudTogether

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Evolving the Enterprise: Here's Why to Choose G-Suite Business

  • March 7, 2019


According to LogicMonitor's "Vision 2020" study, 83% of Enterprise workloads will be managed on the cloud by next year (2020). It's safe to say, with that in mind, that the modern workplace is changing. We're no longer tied to our desks like we once were. Today's companies are more mobile and agile than ever before, thanks in large part to the possibilities of the cloud.

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Just in Time: The Solution to Migrating from IBM Notes to G Suite Enterprise.

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Migrating your entire business from an application like IBM Notes to a flexible cloud-based solution like Google G-Suite is a fantastic way to improve productivity and performance. However, it's fair to say that migration is rarely a simple process. Not only do you need to find a way to introduce your teams to a new technology structure, but you also need to ensure that countless critical Notes-based applications can be shifted seamlessly into the Google environment.

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2019: Google Cloud Comes Sprinting Out of the Gate


According to the 2019 Cloud predictions report published by Forrester, 2019 is the year that widespread adoption of the cloud will hit the enterprise.

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A Beginner's Guide to ETLs and Google Data Studio


In 2017, the Economist revealed that the world's most valuable resource is now data, instead of oil. That might sound a little dramatic, but the truth is that there are few things more important than information. Whether you need to know whether your latest app is working as well as it should be, or you need an insight into how much engagement you have from your target audience, you can't afford to skimp on your data.

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Next Generation Consulting for Google Cloud in 2019


Here at Coolhead Tech, we're all about bringing you the best possible cloud experience. That's why we're constantly evolving to deliver an incredible service for midsize enterprises. To help bring you the support you need, we'll be making the move into a consulting-based business, designed to put IT leaders and channel partners ahead of the game. Our specialist support offers expertise in Google Cloud to help companies of any size tackle growth issues.

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Navy Veteran Leads Northwest Eye Surgeons from Office 365 to G Suite To make a Company Vision Better Together.


Formed in 1986 on the campus of Northwest Hospital in Seattle Northwest Eye Surgeons has grown and added multiple locations in the Puget Sound area over the years. 

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3 Big Things for G Suite Admins on Apps Admin Day 2018

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Coolhead Tech was founded in Austin, Texas in 2008 to support a rising IT role, the Enterprise Apps Administrator. Today, officially Apps Administrator Appreciation Day in Austin, we celebrate all Apps Admins with a special shout out to over 4 million G Suite Apps Admins around the world with 3 Apps Admins Exclusives!

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Getting Started with AutoML: Your Introduction to Machine Learning with Google Cloud

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Ever wondered if you could accomplish more through your apps, if only you had access to a machine learning strategy that wasn't ridiculously complicated?

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