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The Benefits of Data Warehousing in the Google Cloud


Mid-market enterprises struggling to keep pace with the latest technology and end-user requirements are beginning to recognize the value of the cloud for many crucial activities. For instance, in a world where companies need to be able to manage large amounts of data quickly, the cloud provides an ever-flexible and scalable environment where information can be securely stored.

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Your Complete Google Drive Enterprise Admin Guide


In the past, if you wanted to access all the file sharing and storage features of Google Drive, your only option was to sign up for a full G-Suite Business subscription. Though for most people, the addition of extra useful features like Gmail, Calendar, Sites,etc wouldn't have been much of a problem, those tools quickly become more frustrating when you're paying for features that you don't need, want or use. Fortunately, in 2018, Google rolled out a new solution for people who were eager to sign up for Drive but didn't want the additional productivity tools of G-Suite.

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Cloud App Security - Is This the Key to Surviving 2019?

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The role of technology in businesses of all shapes and sizes is evolving. According to Klaus Schwab, we're entering the Fourth industrial revolution. That doesn't just mean new applications, collaboration solutions and innovations for the modern company. A new revolution also paves the way for unprecedented security concerns too.

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A CIOs Introduction to Data Analytics and Machine Learning


For years, companies have relied on data to make decisions about the future of their business. In the past, data-based choices might have involved noticing that you got more sales on a product when you used a particular kind of packaging and adjusting your strategy accordingly. For the most part, the data that companies used in the past was mostly unstructured, because we didn't have the tools available today to track business performance.

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Secure LDAP in Google Cloud Identity


As the adoption of software-as-a-service solutions continues to accelerate in the enterprise, today's digital innovators need a way to innovate and maintain security at the same time. Many traditional LDAP-based applications and IT infrastructure solutions still make up a significant percentage of the IT portfolio for most organizations. As Google found in their extensive testing procedures, helping employees to access the best SaaS apps and traditional infrastructure in a simple way can be quite a challenge.

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The Advantages of BigQuery for Mid-Market Enterprises: Economics and Scale


In an era when what you know about your customer can easily make or break your business, the more information you can successfully gather and collect from your data warehouses, the better off you'll be. In the past, gaining access to useful data was notoriously difficult, requiring huge investments in hardware and expertise. Today, the sheer volume of data in any business has meant that companies have had to look beyond old-fashioned approaches to the new and disruptive potential of artificial intelligence.

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Data Monetization: 7 Steps to Making the Most Out of Your Cloud Data


Data has become the currency of the modern world.  With the right data strategy, forward-thinking companies can disrupt their industries, transform the way they operate, and delight their customers. Of course, translating data into valuable and lucrative actions isn't always as simple as it seems.

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Google Increases G Suite Costs:  Here's Why They Did it and How to Keep Your Pricing for Another Year.


Google shocked its user and partner bases in equal measure this January when it announced (seemingly without warning) that it would be raising prices on G Suite Basic and G Suite Business in very short order. The price increases scheduled to begin in April this year will affect the cost of All G Suite customers, unless they take action by the end of March. 

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