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Automate Small Business Inventory With AirPOS

echnology has created smarter shoppers. And it takes a smarter business to keep up with them.

Does your business have inventory available in a real-world storefront and online? If so, you know managing inventory with the different points of sale can be a real headache.

Coud-based AirPOS software lets retailers sell online and offline by providing ePOS applications for the desktop and tablet devices. It also offers a powerful online back office and integrated web stores, letting you offer your customers a true multi-channel selling experience.


AirPOS mobile applications are great for restaurants, small shops, event vending or anywhere else that a mobile point of sale is required. AirPOS apps can be used in conjunction with applications for Windows to provide real-time inventory, sales and data tracking.


"We needed a system that was easy to setup and easy to use and cost effective and with AirPOS I now have that. This free ePOS software has enabled me to run my business more effectively as it’s simple to use with no user manual needed. AirPOS is a great product with an amazing support team.”

—Kyle Cruikshank, Laptop & PC Warehouse

AirPOS works even when your Internet connection doesn’t. Online and offline modes of operation guards against loss of data, keeps all stock integrated and aids disaster planning to keep your data safe.

AirPOS works on the equipment you already own, saving you the cost of having to replace or upgrade monitors, cash drawers, barcode scanners and receipt printers. You install the software easily and quickly. There are no expensive maintenance contracts.

Your business can try AirPOS with a 30-day free trial. Beyond that, a bassic account continues to be free. Basic accounts get basic inventory managnement, updates, and online support during AirPOS office hours.

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