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Coolhead Tech review: Google's $199 Chromebook

ace for innovation in technology and electronics, coming out with their version of the Nexus 10 tablet and now the latest addition to the Google gadget family, the Chromebook. The netbook, once the hottest gadget on the market, fell back into the shadows as the tablets stormed through. Google is shining new light on the latest incarnation of the netbook with Chromebook.

Chris using his Chromebok to stay up to date with Coolhead Tech clients.

What I’m loving about the Chromebook:

Verizon 3G Network
No local wireless connections? No problem. The designers of Chromebook understand the need to be online and stay up to date with your business, friends and the rest of the world. They have built in a Verizon 3G Network that allows you to connect just about anywhere.

Living in the Cloud
Cloud storage is a unique and vital feature of the Chromebook, setting it above the Aztec ways of other netbooks. The cloud allows easy access to your Google Drive and ensures security for your files by keeping them backed up with up to 100 GB of free cloud storage. The cloud relieves worries for college students and business professionals alike. You will never have to worry about your vital marketing presentation or that term paper you stayed up until all hours of the night to complete disappearing due to a hard disk failure or any other reason. The cloud has your back.

Google Apps
The Chromebook is the place for apps, and it comes with apps already installed. Google Drive is a business app available free of charge for Chromebook users. The Google Drive allows the user to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more—all on the cloud, so your work is automatically saved with each key you type. Business professionals who are currently using Google Apps for Business can access drafts of their previous and current documents through the cloud (online storage). This is a great tool for users of Google’s Business Apps to become fully engaged with the service. They never encounter the usual setbacks or accessibility issues; with the Chromebook they are suited up and ready to go as soon they sign in. The Google Play store is also ready at your disposal; you can remove and download apps from the Google Play store to tailor your Chromebook to your specific needs and desires.

Google is key for security. In order to access and take full advantage of the Chromebook's features you will need an account with Google. Your account will allow you to access your computer through your personalized Gmail username and password. Using your Gmail account, you can sync your data from the cloud right on your Chromebook.

A high-tech traveling partner
The Chromebook allows for portability for the person always on the go, with its thin, lightweight construction and a battery life lasting up to seven hours. Bigger is not always better, as the Chromebook is a space saver that allows you to carry the portable device in your briefcase, purse or backpack.

Google has made technology innovation attainable for everyone, pricing the Chromebook at reasonable price points. Technology should be shared and experienced as a growing society, and you can take advantage of the features of the Chromebook starting at $199.

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