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Going Local? Going Google? Secure Your Business Data With CloudLock

Do you rely on the collaboration tools, convenience and cost savings of the cloud? Do you care about your business's security?

As more Central Texas businesses turn to Coolhead Tech's cloud-based business solutions, security is a concern raised more and more frequently. Today's featured Coolhead Tech business apps partner is CloudLock, the cloud data security company that manages businesses data on-site and in the cloud.

Data is your most valuable asset. CloudLock works with you and your IT people to get your business operations in the cloud without sacrificing security. 

CloudLock’s enterprise-class products are directly integrated with cloud application providers. They provide functionality and control. They are pure IT management applications in the cloud, for the cloud. There’s nothing to install, maintain, or patch. You'll get robust tools to better manage data without requiring assistance from IT. This puts the power of data ownership and control back in your hands.

cloudlock data security  logo

CloudLock is a SaaS application running on the Google App Engine platform. Your business information is secured in the following ways:

  • All administrator activity is logged and audited

  • Only designated staff members can access production systems

  • CloudLock employees sign a legal document guaranteeing security, privacy and compliance

  • CloudLock employees can not access customer data without written customer consent

  • Security scans and penetration testing

  • Single sign-on to production systems

  • 2-Factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access

  • Operational accounts are changed twice a month

CloudLock is hosted on Google App Engine, so it runs on the same infrastructure that powers other Google applications such as Gmail and Google Apps. The same security, privacy and data protection policies you enjoy with Google Apps applies to all App Engine applications. Your data never leaves the Google infrastructure.


As a Google Apps Marketplace application, adding CloudLock to a Google Apps domain is simple and secure.

If you need an easy-to-use and affordable system for backing up your business information, click here to learn more. Coolhead Tech can get you started with a free trial of CloudLock so you can see how it works with your business.

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