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Improve Employee Scheduling with ShiftPlanning's Small Business App

shiftplanning logo resized 600ShiftPlanning, today's Coolhead Tech featured business app, alleviates scheduling headaches by providing a centralized, easy-to-use platform. ShiftPlanning offers a web-based system to help employers schedule and coordinate their workforce. The software is already used by companies in more than 60 countries, including franchises of Days Inn, T-Mobile and Subway. 

Is your business still using Excel to manage your schedules?

Do you find yourself constantly on the phone or in your e-mail trying to make last-minute shift changes or keep track of your employees' availabilites?

Do your employees show up late or not at all because they misread the schedule, or were scheduled for a time they couldn't work?

Central Texas businesses are relying on it more and more for the following reasons:


With a cloud service like ShiftPlanning, workers and the person in charge of scheduling have access to the platform anywhere they can go online. There is no need to stay in the office late or come in on a day off. The administrator can access the program from a home computer or a mobile device.

No Room for Error

Creating a schedule manually or using a spreadsheet leaves plenty of room for mistakes.ShiftPlanning makes sure every slot is covered—no more schedule gaps that cost money and cause confusion.


Through cloud computing, businesses build an infrastructure that allows the synchronization of tasks. Employees can log on via a workstation or virtual office, and the software will track their time just like a time clock. Through one secure platform, companies can manage all aspects of human resources.


ShiftPlanning's online workforce management application is completely integrated, meaning that all your data from your schedules to your actual employee's clocked time can be taken directly to payroll for online processing. With a single click, managers can export data in a ready-to-use format and upload straight to third-party payroll providers. If your staff overtime if out of hand, you can input overtime rules at the staff, position, or account level, assign rate cards with specified differentials, and automatically account for unpaid break deductions with the flexible payroll reporting system.


Cloud technology keeps companies working on the most current versions available without the hassle of updates and multiple versions floating around "out there". Whether a workforce includes two employees or 200, cloud computing is the next level in security and convenience for shift planning.

Other benefits

ShiftPlanning’s proprietary software gives businesses a streamlined solution. The company says its centralized platform reduces up to 80 percent of the time required for scheduling. This gives managers time to focus on growing their business rather than coordinating schedules.

ShiftPlanning has seen a "700 percent year-over-year increase in clients” since its launch in 2010. The company ran the platform used to coordinate scheduling of volunteers at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Available online or as mobile apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, ShiftPlanning can handle file sharing, extensive reporting options, real-time schedule conflict avoidance, third-party integration, employee shift swapping and online time-clocking.

If you need an easy-to-use and affordable system for creating scheuldes at your place of business, click here to learn more. Coolhead Tech can get you started with a free trial of ShiftPlanning so you can see how it works with your business.

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