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Intorrent Supercell Brings Business Phones To Google Apps

supercell phone resized 600Traditional phone systems are a headache, and more and more businesses are deciding to avoid them altogether. No more expensive, proprietary hardware! No more inflexible service plans! No more being out of the loop when you're out of the office!

Can you imagine an office without phones?

For most businesses, that wouldn't work at all.

Now an you imagine an office without the hardware and tech infrastructure required to keep the phones running?

For most businesses, that would be a dream.

Intorrent Supercell is a business phone solution for small- and medium-sized businesses and multi-location enterprises. Thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology that converts the spoken word into data and sends it along the same bandwidth your Internet uses, your business can initiate and receive calls from anywhere, lowering the cost of long distance calls by integrating telecom and IT systems.



How does it work? With Asterisk, a free and open source framework for building communications applications—sort of the telephone equivalent of Linux. Asterisk is constantly being improved by independent developers. Coupling VoIP business phone solutions with Asterisk-based technology has allowed Intorrent to offer cloud-based, on-premises or combination solutions to help companies from any industry optimize their communications and lower costs.

So what's so great about having your company’s communications run on the Internet? By renting online server space, your business will need very little on-site hardware. Intorrent supports more than 75 phones, including Polycom, Yealink and Cisco. They all work because they all connect to the same network. For phones, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the network standard.

Here's a great customer story: Marc Moline is the marketing director for Cannonsburg Ski and Ride in Michigan. Improving communication with their guests in the lodge, in the shop and on the slopes was their top priority when it came time to re-evaluate their phone systems.

"Being a fairly small operation, we don't have a lot of staff members," Marc says. "But we do field lots of incoming calls. Many of our guests are calling us trying to review snow reports, hours of operations, driving directions—those kinds of things. The Intorrent system allows them to get that information without having to go to one of our customer service representatives."

For a business that's as diverse as Cannonsburg Ski and Ride (there are events, retail sales, lessons and more), it's important for employees—who may be spread out over a large area—to stay in touch with one another and with the customer.

"The biggest thing for us is that we really have several small businesses functioning inside one larger business," Marc says. "From our main greeting, the caller is quickly able to be directed to any one of our departments, from the ski and ride school, rentals, the shop, food and beverage, or anywhere else."

Marc says VoIP technology lets them communication among staff members all over the ski area.

"One of the great things about our Intorrent Phone system is that it is hosted on the cloud, making it very easy for us to manage. But we also maintain a server on site just in case anything ever were to happen."

Intorrent also offers security systems that double as a phone/intercom systems. They can be dialed directly into by management and be used not only to communicate directly with staff members but also hear what's going on when necessary.

Transitioning to Intorrent was easy for Marc and his staff members, and doing it has allowed them to integrate their business and provide the best experience possible to their guests.

Intorrent has a quirky brand image and creative marketing campaigns—very unusual for a business-to-business technology company

One more thing. If your business uses Google Apps, Intorrent Supercell brings seamless voice functionality to the cloud. Now, your company can truly live in Google Apps with features like:

  • Receive and respond to any message (e-mail, voice and fax) on any device

  • Text-to-speech for reading back email over the phone

  • Smartphone device integration to corporate phone system

  • Integrate communications infrastructure such as phone systems with Google Apps and SaaS apps such as Salesforce

For look at how small and medium businesses can take advantage of Intorent Supercell, here's a short video that explains how the service has worked for one small business

A hosted Intorrent Supercell phone system starts at $15 per user, per month. This includes an expansive feature set, client online user interface and system support options. Only three users are required to begin service, and no long-term contract is required. The more users and office locations you have, the more the total savings.

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