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Managing Users in the Google Apps Admin Panel

Written by Joey Allen (Google Admin) | September 29, 2013

Managing Users in the Google Apps Admin panel is easy and straight forward.   This brief introduction to the User Section of the Control Panel will help you get started managing users in your Google Apps Domain.



List your users

Click the  Dashboard control to see your list of users, along with information about their activity and controls for managing their accounts.

Click  to:

  • Add users

  • Download all users

  • View organizational units




Customize your Users list

Expand the menus next to each column heading to change the information displayed there.


Changes to multiple users

You can add multiple users to a group, delete them, or move them to a new org, by checking the boxes next to their names. (To select all users at once, click the checkbox above the list.)





Manage individual users

Reset a user’s password, start a chat or email, and perform other basic actions by hovering over their name in the User list and clicking options in the pop-up.

Or click a user’s name to open their profile and see more information and settings:

  • See activity and usage stats.

  • Open the menu beneath a user's profile picture to enable or disable their entire account.

  • Click sections below the stats to change the user’s profile settings, see their enabled apps, or manage their group memberships.




User profile icons

Click the icons at the top of a user profile to:

  • Reset the user’s password

  • Add the user to a group

  • Rename the user

  • Move the user to another org

  • Delete the user




Navigate to other users

Instead of navigating back to the Users list to go to another user profile, open the menu next to the current user’s name (lists all users in the current org).   




See all your users

If you've grouped users into orgs, the User list displays only users in the current org.

To list all of your users or groups, type * in the Search bar. This can be helpful for finding that elusive user or group.



The Google Apps Admin Panel makes it easy to manage users and your domain.