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Get Your Dev-Ops On with G-Suite Developer Hub


If you want to make the most out of Google G-Suite, then you need to know all of the latest updates that the search-engine giant is bringing to its productivity hub. Every year, we see a selection of new updates from Google, as the company strives to provide developers and consumers alike with new and enhanced digital experiences.

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The Key Elements of UC&C Highlighted by Aragon Research Globe


Aragon Research, one of the leading IT research companies in the Unified Communication and Collaboration marketplace, recently announced their long-awaited Research Globe for 2018. The "Globe" is very similar to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, as it separates significant providers in the UC&C space into different sections depending on their performance and international reach.

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Machine Learning at a Glance: Findings from Google to Take with You Into 2019


From virtual assistants like Google Home to self-driving cars and smart houses, artificial intelligence and machine learning are two concepts transforming the relationship between man and machine. Machine learning has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting technologies in the market, affecting everything from mobile applications to business service.

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Simplifying Identity and Access Management with Google


Identity and access management is a business framework that facilitates the use of digital or electronic identities in an enterprise environment. The "IAM" framework includes the organizational policies required to manage things like security and privacy in your business through identity management.

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Intermittent Collaboration and G-Suite: What You Need to Know


Collaboration is one of the biggest trends in the business world today. In the past, if you wanted to collaborate with your team, all you needed to do was ask everyone to join you in a meeting room for a quick brainstorming session or conference. That simple solution, although not always efficient, kept people connected on a day-to-day basis. However, now that businesses are growing increasingly agile and dispersed, we need a lot more from our collaboration strategies.

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The Benefits of G-Suite: Empowering your Team with Google Cloud


G-Suite is easily one of the most popular productivity suites in the world today - but have you ever wondered what makes the Suite so compelling?  As Google's ultimate package of intelligent applications and tools, G-Suite was initially known as "Google Apps" until 2016, when a rebrand drew new attention to the possibilities of an enhanced business management solution.

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Encrypting Your Emails: Comparing the Top 2 Options for G-Suite Business Customers


Security and privacy have always been serious concerns for any company. Not only do you need a system in place that keeps your business information safe and secure, but you need to convince your customers that they're in good hands with you too. As the marketplace grows increasingly competitive, your security strategy could be the component that assures a client to either work with your organization or replace you with a competitor.

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Google Cloud Armor: Introducing Security & Defense for Google Cloud Services

Corporate army against grey background

When you're trying to run a valuable business in the cloud era, there are a lot of different challenges you'll need to address.  If you're a mid-sized company that wants to maintain some of your on-premise equipment and investments, then you'll need to think about how you can safely create a hybrid plan for cloud adoption.

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11 Reasons to Power the Enterprise with Google Drive Enterprise.


During their phenomenal Google Cloud Next Event, Google revealed a host of new features and updates intended to make their already highly-popular cloud service more attractive to customers from an enterprise background. The recent additions were designed to boost security, create a team-oriented environment for working, and of course, provide more flexibility in the way you access Google tools.

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