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The 3 Types of Google+ Business Pages

3 ways to identify google local listing resized 600Here's why many small businesses are still understandably confused about Google+.  It's because there are three different types of pages. Your business may have any one of them.

1.  Google+ Local Listing Page

This is the migrated Google Places listing that people see when clicking "more info" on Google Maps. 

There are only "About" and "Photos" tabs (as seen above). This was the standard for Google Places.  Businesses and customers could upload photos, and businesses could also write a brief description. You'll also notice "Write a Review" and "Scoring Guide." While reviews are a carryover from Google Places, the scoring guide is new.  


2.  A Google+ Page for Business.

When Google+ first launched, businesses needed to create and manage a "business page" that they managed separate from their own G+ profile.  These pages will not have a "Write a Review" button.  

3. The Verified Google+ Local Listing Page

This page has it all: "Posts," "About," "Photos" and "Video" tabs, Reveiws, Scoring and a special Google+ verified Business Checkmark. The checkmark is important because it means Google has verified this business address, telelphone and link.  The verified business checkmark is significant for a small business to earn, as it provides local credibility and therefore gets your business higher in search results.


merged google plus page google places page resized 600Whether you need help fixing or setting up your Google+ local listing, let us know.  Coolhead Tech provides a wide range of Services for Google Apps in Austin and nationwide for businesses from 10-750 users.

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