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6 things to do the day before your company moves to Google Apps

Moving to Google Apps requires some time for the Name servers to propagate the presence of the new domain on the name space. This global service can take up to two days, which is why most companies moving to Google Apps opt to make the migration over the weekend to allow for this change to happen. In the meantime, one does not  have to wait for functionality, they can log in and customize the environment to their liking; it will make the Monday morning experience more palatable and enjoyable.

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Managing Users in the Google Apps Admin Panel

Managing Users in the Google Apps Admin panel is easy and straight forward.   This brief introduction to the User Section of the Control Panel will help you get started managing users in your Google Apps Domain.

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Top 5 Google Apps Domain Settings You Should Check on Setup.

As a Google Apps Reseller we've helped and setup hundreds of domains for Google customers near and far. The setup process has gotten easier over the years and many IT admins that come to us prefer to have complete control over their Google Apps Domain.

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Managing Cloud Apps: Is Hiring a Google Apps Administrator Worth It?

Many businesses benefit from using Google Apps because it provides all of the services they need in one package.  However, you may not get the full benefit unless you have a Google apps administrator helping you along the way. 

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3 Big Reasons to Migrate From Exchange 2003 to Google Apps

Google Apps is changing the dynamic of the business management landscape in the most essential way—by making it easier for you, the business owner, to manage your operations.

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Is this the End of the Line for Exchange Servers?

At the small-business level, maintenance of server infrastructure can resemble an arms race that your company is never going to win.

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3 Reasons to Ditch Office and Go Google today

Do yourself a favor and get out of the Office.

A lot of people still use Microsoft Office. It has been staple software in many industries since The Cosby Show was a hit.

But are the go-to word processor, slideshow creator and database program still right for you? 

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