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3 Big Things for G Suite Admins on Apps Admin Day 2018

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Coolhead Tech was founded in Austin, Texas in 2008 to support a rising IT role, the Enterprise Apps Administrator. Today, officially Apps Administrator Appreciation Day in Austin, we celebrate all Apps Admins with a special shout out to over 4 million G Suite Apps Admins around the world with 3 Apps Admins Exclusives!

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5 Use Cases for Google Chromebooks in Education

For years, schools have been searching for the best, most cost-effective method to bring technology, and all its learning advantages, into the classroom. Chromebooks are becoming the solution for many districts. Chromebooks are an economic, thin computer, lightweight, and portable. Web based, the computer is not vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. Following are five use cases for Chromebooks in education.

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Here's Why Schools are Going Google

Our world is rapidly changing—thanks, in part, to the technology of data management. Businesses have had to 'up their game' in order to compete. Education is now following suit. Schools must rise to the challenge of keeping pace with new standards and providing students with the tools necessary to learn. Teachers must develop new methods of tracking student's progress and challenging them to increase their skill level. Fortunately, GSuite Apps can help students, teachers and administrators transition to new methodology.

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The Economic Value of Chromebooks in Education


Google Chromebooks have made a large impact on the world of computing as a whole, judging by their surprisingly large sales value. While fans of Apple and Microsoft may be shocked that users would be willing to forgo native applications entirely (on OSX and Windows) in favor of what's essentially a Web-only machine, Google assumed (correctly) that most of a user's computer needs can be met online, and in the case of most of the mass market, all of their needs can be met by Chrome OS.

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Introducing the Google for EDU Training Center

It can be tough to get teachers to use new tools, but with the right support you can make it happen. Transitioning from paper and pen to digital resources can be difficult. When we went from mimeograph machines to copiers, teachers didn't mind that they could stop cranking that barrel to make funky, blue inked copies. Students were upset that they lost that great chemical smell, but we replaced it soon enough with the aroma of dry erase markers. Teachers love those over chalk because they're not as messy and have an array of colors.

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Raising a Ruckus in the Google Classroom

Google's Chromebooks have made great strides since their initial announcement in 2011. The concept of a lightweight computer designed around running only Chrome OS was something fairly new back then, but it was a gamble that's worked fairly well for Google. Chromebooks have seen great success in both consumer and business applications, as well as educational ones.

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Top 5 TechEd Resources CHT released at TCEA

The TCEA Convention is a major, annual event in education and technology alike. It takes place in the first week of February, every year, and invites hundreds of industry experts and major businesses to present at the Convention- ourselves included. The 2016 TCEA Convention has already come and gone, leaving in its wake a wealth of new TechEd resources for the community to review for themselves. TechEd partners were in full force at this convention, and Coolheaad Tech is no different.

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Does Your School's Wireless make the Grade?

Google Chromebooks has been quietly taking the educational world by storm in the past few years, accounting for dramatic and impressive increases of devices shipped to American classrooms since 2012. While Microsoft and iPad shipments have been either stationary or in retrograde, Chromebooks have enjoyed a whopping increase approaching 30%.

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The 6 Best Tablets for Schools

With technology rapidly consuming all areas of our lives, education isn't far behind, and the demand for technology in the classroom is on the rise. Student assessment through tablets is a growing need in the classroom, and integrating Google for Education is a necessity for many school districts. Let's take a look at the top 6 Google for Education tablets.

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