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Request our FREE G Suite Migration Kit and Get Free Advice and Support for Your G Suite Business Migration.

google-apps-e-migration-kit.jpgGet a dedicated deployment adviser to guide you through 3 phases of G Suite deployment (Plan, Deploy, Transform) over a 2 week period.  

In the Migration Kit for G Suite

  • Technical Resources

    • Deployment Guides
    • Software to Migrate from MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and IMAP servers
    • Configuration Guides, workbooks and Checklists
  • Human Resources

    • Change Management Guides
    • Email templates for end users
    • Going Google posters
    • Training Slides

Scope of Free Advice for G suite Business Migrations

  • 2 week engagement, 10 user minimum.
  • Customer is responsible for all deployment tasks and coordination with 3rd party support as instructed by the deployment adviser.
  • The deployment adviser will not touch your environment but will provide expert consultation and guidance.  

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the Free Advice offer

  • Dedicated deployment advisor
  • Detailed planning session
  • Guided support for Domain Verification, Mail Routing Configuration, Data Migration, User Creation, and Interoperability
  • Change management templates and guidance
  • Use cases designed to help you transform your business 

Request the AppsAdmins' E-kit for migrating to G Suite by Google Cloud and Get 8 hours of free walkthrough advice.