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Decrease Security Risk:

  • Decrease the risk of successful phishing attempts
  • Decrease the the number of spam and malware messages
  • Decrease the risk of client, account, and/or G Suite data leakage
  • Implement alerts and monitoring to be proactive of suspicious activities

Increase Security Awareness:

  • Train end users on security best practices when working in G Suite
  • Increase adoption and awareness of Google security features
  • Increase awareness of security exposure in Google Cloud

Improve Incident Management:

  • Create a response plan for Google Cloud security incidents
  • Train IT team members to respond effectively and efficiently to security incidents
  • Reduce the number of support cases and escalations related to G Suite security incidents

Schedule a call to learn about this this service and improve the overall security posture of your Google Cloud domain.  We'll assess, discuss and configure your Admin Console and policies to improve your G Suite environment.