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"The Forrester Wave: Enterprise File Sync and Share Platforms for Cloud Solutions in Quarter 1 of 2016": Forrester Compares Nine Providers

  • ----- RESEARCHED nine of the most significant providers of enterprise file sync (EFSS) and cloud based storage
  • ----- ANALYZED the nine providers through a series of tests and challenges
  • ----- SCORED each provider’s performance based upon its results and a metric set up for tabulation by Forrester
  • ----- COMPARES each provider’s performance in the most important areas needed for a company or organization to implement file sync and cloud storage
  • ----- ASSISTS enterprise architecture (EA) professionals in gathering research so that an informed and well-researched choice can be made when cloud services for file storage and sharing are needed

The report tested and evaluated nine leading EFSS providers of cloud based storage via 40 criteria. The providers were Google, Box, Workshare, Dropbox, Thru, Huddle, Microsoft, Huddle, Intralinks, and IBM.

Forrester initiated the report due to the timely nature of its content. Enterprisers are moving toward cloud-based solutions for their content, communication, and data more and more every day.

Get The Research and Decide for Yourself.

Download this Forrester Wave report and learn about the top nine Cloud Solution Providers for Enterprise File Sync and Share Platforms.

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