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calculating-the-real-cost-of-a-business-phone-system.pngIt pays to look beyond the obvious hard costs of a new PBX / IP PBX and phones.

This analysis reveals the many hidden costs of an on-premise phone system, which can total more than the large initial capital expense of the basic hardware. Things to look for when assessing total cost of ownership include:


  • PBX upgrades, licensing, and maintenance, including the need for trained resources
  • Telecom charges for PRIs, T1s, local long distance, and 800 charges • Standalone services such as eFax, audio conferencing, and web meetings
  • Connecting locations with MPLS, PSTN, or other business exchange lines 

Make sure you've taken everything into consideration when evaluating a new business phone system with this guide from Ringcentral & Coolhead Tech.